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At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re proud to support locally owned pet stores in neighborhoods like yours. Learn more about Royal Pets Market in this Stella’s Spotlight.

About Royal Pets Market

Royal Pets Market owns and operates four neighborhood pet stores in Tampa (Midtown and Carrolwood), St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor, Florida. The Tampa neighborhood of Carrollwood was the site of Royal Pets Market’s very first store, established in 2011. At Royal Pets Market & Resort + Veterinary Center, pet experts are dedicated to providing exceptional care to all cats and dogs. Their belief is that “All
Pets Who Enter, Shall Leave as Royalty,” and they guarantee the highest quality care and customer service for you and your pets. Their goal is to provide loving care along with outstanding and trustworthy service and to have a positive impact on the lives of pets and pet parents. Their royal standard of excellence will be instilled across all levels of service, with helpful and knowledgeable team members, attentive to the needs of all dogs, cats, and their parents.

Welcome to a realm of pet royalty at Royal Pets! The moment you step inside, you’re whisked away into a majestic castle, where you and your furry companions are treated like true royalty. As a premier destination, Royal Pets Market is your ultimate one-stop shop for all things pet-related. Their team of exceptional experts is not only adept at helping pet owners fulfill their furry friends’ unique requirements, but they also exceed expectations by building unwavering trust and fostering genuine connections with their customers. This unwavering commitment, combined with their wide-ranging offerings, truly distinguishes this pet store and transforms their store into a haven for every pet enthusiast. At Royal Pets, you’re not just shopping – you’re embarking on a regal experience!

Royal Pet's Market Store

Services and Products at Royal Pet’s Market

Royal Pets Market strives to build long-term relationships with each and every pet and pet parent by providing an indoor and outdoor day camp; a resort with 5-Star luxurious accommodations and safety-certified team members where pets are never left alone; salon services with professional grooming; state of the art veterinary center; and premier quality retail products. What truly warms their hearts is the joy of contributing to the happiness and well-being of pets. Being able to enrich the lives of both their furry companions and their dedicated parents is a continuous source of fulfillment and inspiration. Each pet entrusted to their care becomes a part of their family, and showering them with affection is their way of offering them the ultimate “Royal Treatment.”

Royal Pets Market mission is centered on education, solutions, and empowering you to excel as a pet parent. With certified nutrition specialists across their market, guest services, and guest experience teams, they’re committed to guiding you through your pet’s journey to optimal nutrition and wellness. They offer a full-service Veterinary clinic at each location and an Urgent Care Facility at Tampa Midtown, Salon/Grooming services, Pet Resort/Boarding, and a Day Camp.

RESORT: At the Royal Pets Market resort, pets revel in safe playtime and luxurious accommodations. Their safety-certified team members ensure pets are never left alone, offering round-the-clock monitoring.

SALON: The Royal Pets Market talented salon team not only delivers professional grooming but also partners with you to prioritize your pet’s health. They provide solutions for at-home care, from toothbrushing to paw and nail maintenance between appointments.

VETERINARY CENTER: Inside Royal Pets Market’s state-of-the-art veterinary center, you’ll find on-site examination rooms, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and advanced surgical facilities equipped with cutting-edge monitoring and digital x-ray technology. Their highly skilled medical team is prepared to provide advanced diagnostics and surgeries whenever your pet needs it.

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble is a staple that Royal Pets Market loves to carry on their shelves, and their guests love it too. It’s important that each and every meal for a pet is made with quality ingredients for them to be able to thrive, and these natural kibble products meet the high standard of food they deserve.

Royal Pet's Market Grooming Salon

Why Shop Local at Royal Pet’s Market

Shopping local and supporting small pet businesses is essential for pet parents. It strengthens the community, generates jobs, and keeps money circulating locally. Local specialists offer personalized service, tailored advice, and valuable insights on products. Plus, fostering local personal relationships allows you to connect with pet experts who genuinely care about your pet’s well-being. By choosing local, you empower your neighborhood, build relationships, and contribute to the specialized care of your furry friends.

Royal Pets Market prides itself on being involved in the Tampa Bay community they call home, and they are honored to have the chance to help whenever they can. They regularly partner with local nonprofit organizations like rescue leagues, and they regularly hold adoption events in stores to help find homes for shelter pets.

Stella & Chewy’s Supports Local Businesses Like Royal Pet’s Market

Royal Pets Market always assures pet parents that they will treat their pets as well as they treat their own pets! They know guests don’t take it lightly to entrust someone with their beloved pet, so they do not take the responsibility lightly either. Learn more about how you can support your local pet store by reading more Stella’s Spotlights on our blog!

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