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Paté Cat Food

Cats love our delicious pâté made from responsibly sourced animal protein blended with savory bone broth. Purrfect Pâté is 100% human-grade, with three delicious single-protein recipes, while Carnivore Cravings Purrfect Pâté recipes offer even more variety to keep your cat excited for mealtime. Both pâté cat foods have a velvety texture that's hydrating and protein-rich, with all the essential nutrients your cat needs to thrive.

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What Is Paté Cat Food?

Pâté cat food is made by grinding animal protein and mixing it with bone broth to create a smooth, even consistency. Our Purrfect Pâté cat food is high in protein, low in carbs and purrfect for cats who prefer wet cat food with a silky texture.

How to Serve Paté Cat Food

Serving our pâté cat food is easy: simply open the carton or can, and place the pâté on a plate or shallow bowl for a complete and balanced meal. You can also use our pâté as a topper or mixer for your cat’s kibble, frozen raw, or freeze-dried raw morsels to add moisture and enticing flavor.


Some cats will immediately begin eating the pâté as-is, but sometimes it helps to use a knife or fork break it up into “pieces”. If your cat is still hesitant, try putting a dab of pâté on the end of your finger for them to taste.


You can also stir in a small amount of tepid water to create an even softer meal, which can be helpful for cats with dental problems or missing teeth.