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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Bark N’ Scratch Outpost!

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About Bark N’ Scratch Outpost

Born and raised in Milwaukee, founders Michael and Carrie Marble hoped to share the benefits of raw pet food with the pet parents of their community. In 2005, their family brought home Snowbelle, a Bichon puppy. Snowbelle had many health issues when fed the dry food their veterinarian was recommending, and after researching alternative diets they discovered the benefits of raw pet food. As they were struggling to find raw pet food in the Milwaukee area, they decided to open their own store to share the benefits of feeding a species-appropriate, less processed diet and how it helps to build a foundation of health for your pet. By 2006 they made this dream a reality and opened Bark N Scratch Outpost, providing a wide range of raw diet options and pet food education for pet parents in Milwaukee.

The dedicated workers at Bark N Scratch love to help their community. Their goal is to continue improving the quality of life of both pets and pet parents.

“When your customer’s beloved pet comes in bouncing and happy with their head and tail held high. Yep, that makes our hearts skip a beat and is truly why we love our work.”

Nutrition & More at at Bark N’ Scratch Outpost

Bark N’ Scratch’s large freezer section allows them to stock the full line of Stella & Chewy’s frozen raw diets. Every team member uses their own personal experiences with the products to help people find the right food, treats, supplements and toys. Their staff members have a natural passion for helping people find the right products to help their pets live a long, healthy life.

Bark N’ Scratch has recently become big fans of Stella & Chewy’s baked kibble. While they are avid supporters of fresh food such as raw, gently cooked, and freeze dried, the baked kibble infused with some freeze dried raw really is something special among all of the extruded kibbles out there. It makes a solid base, upon which any number of nutritious fresh food options can be rotated in, in order to make an affordable healthy diet.

In addition to offering premium pet nutrition, Bark N’ Scratch Outpost also hosts special events such as pet photos, animal communicators, and health talks for customers.

frozen raw cat food at bark n scratch outpost

Why Shop Local at Bark N’ Scratch Outpost?

When you shop local and small businesses it helps the community grow together. When you grow alongside small and local businesses a wonderful bond is formed where you as the customer and the business grow together. Small businesses make it feel like you’re walking into your extended family’s house instead of a random store where you can’t find an employee to help you. Anyone and everyone who works in a small business truly cares about their people and their community and will try to help you with almost everything. Most small businesses get access to products that aren’t mass produced or cheaply made, meaning if you shop local you will find better, more exciting products.

Bark N Scratch Outpost supports the community by holding food drives and fundraisers for local rescues. They participate in sponsorships that showcase adoptable pets on social media, and have held various classes with holistic veterinarians on topics from essential oils and reiki, to how a species appropriate diet can help build a foundation of health.