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Human Grade Cat Food: MORSELS

Stella & Chewy's Dinner Morsels are tasty morsels of meat, drenched in nutritious bone broth. Gently kettle cooked in small batches our morsels are 100% human grade cat food, made with real whole muscle meat and organic fresh-cut veggies. Soaked in an easily digestible bone broth for a taste cats love.

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What Are Morsels?

Morsels are tender pieces of muscle meat, diced into small pieces so your cat can enjoy the taste and texture they crave in every bite. We offer many different recipes with wet cat food morsels, and each animal protein is responsibly sourced (cage free or wild caught). Choose from chicken, turkey, duck, beef, salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Why Three Kinds of Wet Cat Food Morsels?

Each of our wet cat food morsels offers a slightly different texture – your cat might prefer one or go wild for all three! They can all be fed as a complete and balanced meal, or used as a bowl topper.

All three of our wet cat food morsels are protein-rich, hydrating and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.