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We love highlighting the small businesses we work with! Learn more about NYC Pet in this Stella’s Spotlight.

About NYC Pet

Established in January 1977, NYC Pet now operates nine pet stores in New York City. In the 70s there weren’t many options for finding quality pet foods and most locals chose to purchase their dog and cat food from neighborhood grocery stores. That’s when NYC Pets was opened as a solution for the community. Once they started in the business their passion for animals only grew. The family who owned the store started learning everything they could about dog and cat nutrition. They wanted to provide the best quality products for their customers who were also their own neighbors. That passion grew over the years, and the family branched out to having pet stores all over Brooklyn and a sister store in Hoboken. NYC Pet’s mission was and always will be to provide the best products for pets and to keep learning and expanding staff knowledge to help pet parents meet their pets’ needs.

NYC Pet Founders

Services and Products at NYC Pet

NYC Pet is unique because they are ahead of the trends and always looking for the best products to recommend. They see their customers as their family. NYC Pet staff especially love recommending Stella & Chewy’s Single Ingredient Chicken Breast Treats to their customers. Everyone loves to treat their dogs, and NYC Pet loves offering a single ingredient that is a healthy option for pets. They also enjoy being able to recommend a treat that is both healthy and they know pets will love.

In addition to top-notch pet products, NYC Pet currently has groomers on staff at the location on Knickerbocker. They are looking forward to one day expanding into multiple
services and expanding their love for pets.

Stella & Chewy's at NYC Pet

Why Shop Local at NYC Pet?

Shopping local is something NYC Pet is passionate about. Shopping local allows money to stay within the community, and it allows mom and pop stores to sustain their business. When you shop local you not only help your local owners but also the local employees. It allows the community to thrive, provide jobs, and allow people and their families to enjoy community activities.

NYC Pet supports local rescues and hosts adoption events. They also provide donations and raffle baskets
to school fundraisers, rescue events, and in certain parks. The Humane Society even comes by with a table to discuss how our community can help save animals.

Stella & Chewy’s Supports Local Businesses Like NYC Pet

Having been family owned and in the pet industry for over 46 years, NYC Pet takes pride in the fact that their customers can always go to them for help and advice. Learn more about how you can support your local pet store by reading more Stella’s Spotlights on our blog!

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