Like people, dogs lose water throughout the day, so it’s important they continually drink water or receive moisture through their diet to prevent dehydration. Read on to discover how to hydrate a dog by feeding your best friend a moisture-rich diet.

Hydrating Dog Foods

Ensuring your dog is always hydrated is key to keeping their body functioning properly. In the wild, a dog’s ancestors obtained the majority of their moisture intake from the prey they killed and ate. Domesticated dogs today, which are provided water with their food, may be lacking in proper hydration that is key in supporting overall health. Here are a few moisture-rich dog food options for hydrating a dog and keeping them healthy!

dog with wet food and kibble

Raw Dog Food Diets

Feeding your dog a raw diet is a great way to incorporate moisture and keep them hydrated. Here are a few raw diet options to consider.

Raw Frozen Dinner Patties & Dinner Morsels

These quick-thaw, grain-free, and high-protein meal options are the most economical biologically appropriate raw nutrition available. Recipes contain 98% meat, organs, and bone to mirror a dog’s ancestral diet and provide over 70% moisture that is so important to your dog’s overall health. You have two frozen options to choose from– our Frozen Raw Dinner Patties or our Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels, both of which are available in a variety of recipes. These minimally processed options are gentle on the digestive system and are enriched with probiotics and antioxidants to support whole-body health.

Freeze-Dried Meals, Mixers, and Dinner Dust

An even more convenient option to our frozen raw recipes are our freeze-dried raw recipes. Our Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties and Lil’ Bites can be rehydrated with water to support your dog’s need for a moisture-rich diet. If you aren’t ready to go full-raw just yet, we also offer Meal Mixers, Stella’s Solutions, and Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust as raw options to help supplement your dog’s kibble. We recommend hydrating both kibble and freeze-dried raw with a little water before serving!

Wet Dog Food Diets

Whether it’s a regularly scheduled meal or a mix-in with your dog’s kibble, bringing some wet dog food to your dog’s diet will increase the amount of moisture he or she is getting in their diet. From Stella’s Shredrs to Stella’s Stew, there are plenty of wet dog food options to help keep your pup hydrated!

Bone Broth for Dogs

If your dog is a kibble fan through and through, no need to fear. There are plenty of ways to add moisture to a dog’s kibble, including the addition of bone broth! Stella & Chewy’s offers two different types of bone broth for dogs– our Bountiful Bone Broth and our Broth Toppers. Adding either of these hydrating broths to your dog’s kibble will increase their moisture intake all while they scarf down their meal. 

Both raw food and wet food can be incorporated into your current feeding routine, either as a topper, mixed 50:50 with kibble, or alternated as meals. A little goes a long way to increasing your dog’s water intake!

More Dog Food From Stella & Chewy’s

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