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husky with low calorie treats

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial when it comes to the overall health and wellness of your dog. If your dog is overweight, be sure to consult with a vet to identify if there are any underlying health conditions to be aware of. Then take these helpful weight management tips!

Serve Appropriate Portion Sizes

Sometimes, our eyes are bigger than our bellies, and that can ring true for your pooch too. This can especially be the case if you currently have your dog using a self feeder or automatic dog feeder, which you’ll want to change for this process.

Many dog food companies, like Stella & Chewy’s, provide recommended feeding guidelines on their packaging, which you should try to follow as best as you can. These guidelines are established by trusted professionals and based on each specific product. Optimal feeding amounts may vary with age, size, breed, and activity level. Please refer to the feeding guidelines as an initial recommendation and adjust food amount as needed to reach desired weight goal. Portion control is a foundation of achieving a healthy dog weight. To help your pup slow down and properly digest their food, you can also try a treat ball or dog puzzle feeder.

Don’t Give Into the Puppy Eyes

We know ‘em and we love ‘em, but we shouldn’t give in to ‘em! Although those puppy eyes are the cutest things ever, try not to allow your pup’s sweet face to break you into always giving them what they want. As a pet parent, you need to do what’s best for your dog, even if they don’t know it. A special treat is great every now and again, but not every time they flash those adorable eyes, let out a whine, or rest their chin on your lap. Treats should never be more than 10% of your dog’s diet, so try the following tactics for curbing your dog’s hunger if they begin to beg:

doodle with turkey treats

Exercise When Possible

Achieving a healthy weight for your pup starts in the kitchen, but is reinforced with exercise! When possible, be sure to take your dog for a daily walk or throw the ball around the yard to get their heart pumping and blood flowing. Feeding them nutritious food in the correct portion size is the right first step, but try to follow that up with some movement when you can.

If Needed, Try a Diet

If you’ve tried everything you can, including the tips and tricks above, and you just can’t seem to get your dog to a healthy weight, it might be time to call your veterinarian to get your pup on a diet. Many diets, just like for us humans, are short-term commitments. A temporary diet can be exactly what your dog needs to get to their desired weight. Once achieved, be sure to follow proper weight-management tactics to keep your dog happy and healthy!

Healthy Dog Food Options from Stella & Chewy’s

At Stella & Chewy’s, we offer a wide variety of dog food with raw and natural ingredients that are calorie conscious and packed with protein. If you need help selecting the right food or treats for your dog, contact our team at Be sure to check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed for more tips, tricks, updates, and more!