What kind of turkey can dogs eat?

Turkey meat is not toxic to dogs and is a highly digestible protein source for them. Unseasoned, skinless and boneless cooked turkey meat is fine for dogs in moderation. So if you are going to start adding it to their diet, make sure it is prepared specifically for them.

Dog food with turkey is made especially for a dog’s nutritional needs.

Want to add turkey to your dog’s diet but not go through the extra steps of cooking it specifically for them? There are a variety of dog food products with turkey that are perfect for incorporating it seamlessly into their diet.

Dog with Tantalizing Turkey Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Mixers

What kind of turkey is bad for dogs?

Turkey that has been prepared for human consumption usually has spices, like garlic and onion, that are toxic to dogs. Avoid giving your dog turkey skin, which is very high in fat and can cause stomach upset. And take care not to feed them any turkey with bones. The cooked bones can splinter and cause injuries to your dog’s mouth, throat, stomach or intestines. Deli meat and turkey hot dogs have high amounts of salt and preservatives that aren’t healthy for your pup.

What other foods can dogs eat during the holidays?

Want your pup to be able to join in the holiday feast? Keep in mind any food prepared with spices, salt and/or sugar are not healthy for them and can even be toxic. Generally, the following holiday foods are safe for dogs to eat if prepared without seasoning.


Pumpkin is a natural source of soluble fiber for dogs and they can eat it fresh (cooked) or canned, but make sure it doesn’t have added sugar.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens are a superfood for dogs! Stick to greens that humans eat, like kale, spinach, lettuce, etc. 

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also a great source of dietary fiber for dogs. Feed it to them plain (without salt or butter) and cooked without the skin, which is difficult for them to digest.


Carrots are a great snack that is high in fiber and vitamins and low in calories. As a bonus, they are good for your dog’s teeth!


Apples are another great high fiber snack for dogs, just be sure to remove the core and seeds.

Be sure to always talk to your veterinarian before feeding new foods to ensure your dog is eating a nutritionally complete diet. Remember, dogs can have turkey, but only when added to their diets correctly.