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Whether it’s freeze-dried, homemade, dehydrated, or store-bought, there are a variety of options for feeding raw pet food. From shinier coats and increased energy to improved dental health and more, feeding your pet raw food or treats comes with a range of benefits!

Considerations Before Feeding Raw Pet Food

Before determining if your pet should be fed raw food or treats, you’ll want to consider the following:

Activity Level

Food is fuel, so you’ll want to be sure that your pet’s exercise schedule matches the amount of calories they’ll consume with a raw diet. From low to high and everywhere in between, a raw diet can be fed in varying amounts for your specific pet’s activity level.


Just like people, your pet wants their food to taste good too, and raw food can offer new flavors and textures for them to enjoy! If your pet initially struggles to accept their new diet, try adding a topper to make the transition easier. We offer great solutions, like Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust, to help.


Some pets are allergic to certain proteins that are commonly used in raw food or treats, so you’ll want to read through the ingredients list. If your pet has allergies, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to the raw food company to inquire about other options that your pet can enjoy. Our customer service team would be happy to help!

Age and Size

Nutritional needs vary depending on your pet’s specific age and size, so portions will play a big role when it comes to raw. As with any food, smaller, younger dogs tend to eat less and bigger, adult dogs usually need to be fed more.


Regardless of what route you choose to take, a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial in maintaining good health for your pet. You can always consult with your veterinarian to determine whether or not a raw diet makes sense for your specific pet if you’re feeling unsure.

You know your pet best, and if you think an all natural pet food diet is the way to go, then you’re in good hands because there are many benefits of feeding raw pet food.

Why Raw Feeding is Beneficial

Raw food and treats are growing in popularity, and there’s a reason for it!

dog treats

Improved Coat

Feeding your pet a raw diet gives them a shinier coat, which is an immediate invitation for head pats and belly scratches. The oils and fatty acids found in raw foods and treats support a shiny coat.

Healthy Skin and Teeth

Raw food and treats can improve the quality of your pet’s skin while also strengthening their gums to ensure proper dental hygiene. Raw diets also include natural enzymes that help prevent tartar build-up.

Increased Energy

Pets that are fed a raw diet tend to experience an increase in energy levels because a strong inclusion of meat, organs, and ground bone support lean muscles.


The flavors and textures of raw food and treats are unique experiences that pets love, which can be especially helpful for pet parents with picky eaters!

Multiple Transition Opportunities

Transitioning your dog to a raw diet presents an exciting opportunity for new and improved food that’s going to help their health! And, at Stella & Chewy’s, we have a variety of food, treats, and toppers to make the transition a success because adding even a little bit of raw into your pet’s diet is better than none at all.

A strong foundation can give your pet an incredible quality of life, and feeding all natural pet food can be a step in the right direction. If you’re not quite ready to make the jump to raw, just know that you’re not alone and there are many great resources available to provide clarity.

Common Reasons for Not Going Raw

As all natural pet food and treats become more popular, the number of questions surrounding the topic also increases. A few reasons why pet parents might not consider a raw diet include:

Health Requirements

When recommended by a veterinarian, some pets are unable to eat a raw diet because of specific health conditions.

Possible Contamination

Handling raw food or treats should be done with care and attention as to avoid any contamination during the preparation process. You’ll want to make sure that your home is equipped with the right space for raw products to be stored. Rest assured, at Stella & Chewy’s all of our frozen and freeze-dried raw products go through HPP (high pressure processing) to naturally destroy harmful bacteria while assuring the food’s nutritional value is not affected.

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Raw and Raw-Inspired from Stella & Chewy’s

From freeze-dried raw dog food, raw-coated dog treats to wet or dry dog food, and more – Stella & Chewy’s offers a wide variety of raw and raw-inspired pet food. Check out these tips for feeding your dog dental treats that have the irresistible flavor of freeze-dried chicken. As always, it’s recommended to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s food or treats. Our team is also here to answer any questions and you can learn more about products, updates, and more from Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.