What is Raw?

We closely mimic what nature intended with amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals intact and strive to maintain the naturally occurring nutritional value in all of our food. That is why we only cold-press or bake our raw pet food.

Nothing more extreme.
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Our raw freeze-dried and raw frozen meals are safe, uncooked and minimally processed. This allows us to retain 100% of the naturally occurring nutrients found in the ingredients.
Unlike other kibbles that extrude (high pressure and extreme heat that cooks away important nutrients) at Stella & Chewy’s we gently oven-bake our food one small batch at a time retaining closer to 100% of its nutritional value. Baking ensures a less processed food that is easily digestible, highly nutritious, nutrient dense and great tasting.
Uses boiling hot water, pressured steam and heat to cook ingredients at extreme temperatures. Cooking at high temperatures can strip food of its vital nutrients and destroys important building blocks for animal health. Extruding leaves kibble with an average of 40% its nutritional value.

The Prey Model Diet

All of our diets deliver high levels of rich animal protein, from our raw recipes that deliver 90-98% meat organs and bone, to our new kibble recipes which include 65-70% animal rich ingredients, our offerings best mimic a whole prey model diet.