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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that supporting small business is important for helping local communities thrive. Here are just a few reasons to shop local for your pet’s needs!

kitten on pet store shelves

Neighborhood Pet Stores Know Your Pet’s Needs

Your local pet store knows your pet is a part of your family. Many neighborhood pet stores were founded by people who were inspired to find the highest quality products and services for their own pets. They hire and train people who are compassionate and educated on the products they carry and the basic welfare of animals while carrying high quality food and well-crafted pet products.

Neighborhood Pet Stores Care About You

Shopping local typically ensures top-notch customer service. Local pet store staff is usually passionate, knowledgeable, and vested in the business. They pride themselves on offering a unique and personalized experience for each customer. They love partnering with dog and cat parents to help find solutions to nutrition, health, and behavioral questions.

puppy shopping in a store

Neighborhood Pet Stores are Committed to the Local Community

Shopping at your neighborhood pet store helps boost your local economy and improve your community culture. Neighborhood businesses have an interest in fostering growth within their communities by getting involved in local events and supporting local organizations. They help keep jobs and tax dollars in your community. Supporting local businesses also ensures that new products and services can thrive. Many neighborhood pet stores are also involved with local organizations. They help support many rescues, shelters, food drives, fundraisers, adoption events, and more. They understand the needs in their communities and are positioned to help.

Find a Pet Store in Your Neighborhood

Our products can be found in neighborhood pet stores in the United States and Canada. Use our pet store locator to find your favorite Stella & Chewy’s dog and cat food products in a store near you!

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