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Stella & Chewy’s has always made food safety our #1 priority and we’ve gone above and beyond to receive SQF Food Safety Certification. We continue to use the world’s finest and safest ingredients, along with responsibly sourced proteins from farmers and ranchers we know and trust who believe in the humane treatment of their animals. We’re proud to make all of our frozen and freeze-dried raw foods and baked kibble diets in our very own Wisconsin kitchen. We’ve always had a unique food safety procedure in place, including a high-pressure processing (HPP) step, to guarantee the safety of our raw products, in addition to sending every batch to be tested for Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria. Stella & Chewy’s remains committed to food safety and making sure pet parents feel confident bringing our product home to help their pet thrive.


Q: What does SQF stand for?

A: Safe Quality Foods.

Q: What does being SQF-certified mean?

A: The certification validates our rigorous food safety system, from raw material and supplier selection, to finished product safety and shipment. Our facilities will be required to complete an annual 3rd party audit to maintain our food safety certification.

Q: Is SQF certification required?

A: No. Stella & Chewy’s pursued certification to further prove our commitment to food safety and ensure that retailers and pet parents can feel confident in our brand and standards.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Team at or 888-477-8977.