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Recyclable Pet Food Packaging

Stella & Chewy’s is going green and we have begun our transition to recyclable packaging! We’ve listened to pet parent concerns and want to do our part to protect the earth and the future of our pets. Our team has been working hard to leverage technology to find environmentally friendly solutions for our packaging that still meet our highest standards for food safety. By taking this first step in our sustainability journey, we hope to continue to be a pioneer and leader in the pet food industry for sustainability and responsibility, while encouraging all communities to do right by our planet.

Q: Which products have recyclable packaging?

A: As we are gradually transitioning, here are our products that currently have recyclable packaging:

Q: What is the difference between your original packaging and the new recyclable packaging?

A: We continue to use barrier bags that are specifically designed to keep the food fresh and safe. The recyclable bags are shinier and thinner with the recycling logo on the front and do require scissors to open due to the nature of the new bag material. The recyclable bags remain structurally sound but are ultimately healthier for the environment,

Q: How can I recycle the new bag?

A: These bags can be recycled curbside but check with your local municipality/community to determine which recycling numbers they accept.

Q: What if my municipality does not accept curbside recycling?

member of how2recycle

A: Our packaging with the How2Recycle® label can be dropped off in select stores to be recycled. Under current circumstances with COVID-19, please continue to adhere to social distancing recommendations and hold onto your bags to drop off at a later time or see if your local store is collecting bags in an alternative way. Visit How2Recycle® to find a location near you!

Q: What is the recycling number for the products transitioning to recyclable packaging?

A: Frozen Raw Dinner Patties and Carnivore Crunch recyclable bags are number 4.

Q: Why aren’t you making all of your packaging recyclable?

A: We’ve started with a limited selection of products in a phased approach to gain learnings from our retailer partners and pet parents as we expand our recyclable offerings. Our initial focus is on transitioning our frozen and freeze-dried raw products to recyclable packaging.

Q: Why wasn’t your packaging recyclable before?

A: It’s taken some time and years of researching, but we’ve finally found a sustainable option that also meets our high standards for food safety and quality.

Q: Does the product remain the same?

A: YES. Formulation, quality and nutrition remain the same and we haven’t touched our recipes. The only thing changing is the packaging.

Q: How do I store the product in the recyclable packaging?

A: As we always recommend, continue to store the product in the original packaging as it’s still a barrier bag, specifically designed to keep the food fresh and safe. The shelf life remains the same and is printed on the bag.

Q: Why are some bags recyclable while others aren’t?

A: Most packaging that isn’t recyclable is composed of multiple layers of different types of plastic that is impossible to melt down during the recycling process. Recyclable packaging, like our new bags, is composed of a single type of plastic that can be processed more efficiently.

Q: What happens to the bags when they are recycled?

A: The bags will be sorted and transported to a materials recycling facility and sold to companies who will repurpose the melted down plastic.

Q: What other products of yours can I recycle?

A: Our wet foods, including Stella’s Stews, Broth Toppers, and Marie’s Mix-Ins for dogs, along with Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate for cats, are recyclable where facilities exist. Visit to see if they are recyclable in your area.

Questions? Contact our customer service team at or call 888-477-8977.