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The past few weeks have been painful for many, eye-opening for some, and a potentially huge turning point in this country as the issue of racism has come to the forefront. We have taken the time to listen, learn, and have important conversations internally about taking action and improving both as a business and as individuals. We are fully committed to demonstrating that companies can and should contribute to bringing positive change and creating a world without racism.

We do not yet have all the answers, but we do believe action is what counts and we are actively engaged in the following:

-Taking a more thoughtful approach to our internal and external communications and being more inclusive in all we do
-Developing a Diversity Council that will further bring awareness to diversity and inclusion in our workplace
-Reevaluating our mission and core values to fully incorporate our desire to improve our communities beyond simply making pet food

Our first step was supporting our own community through a donation of $50,000 to the Milwaukee Urban League. This incredible organization leads through education, employment, and advocacy to achieve economic vibrancy and equal access to all industries and disciplines that position African Americans to create wealth and live a better quality of life. I am in awe of their work and we are excited for this ongoing partnership to make lingering, positive impacts. Specifically, the Milwaukee Urban League will be allocating funds towards a program that addresses the transportation needs of those seeking employment. Sufficient transportation to outlying areas with job and career openings is too often a barrier for underserved communities.

I love the Stella & Chewy’s community and encourage you to hold us accountable as we continue to move forward on this journey. We are optimistic that together we can make a difference and push for a better world without racism.

We’ll have more details in the weeks to come, as we and the Milwaukee Urban League are excited to get the program up and running. Keep visiting Stella & Chewy’s website for more information as the project moves forward.

Marie Moody, Founder of Stella & Chewy’s