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Stella & Chewy’s proudly supports neighborhood pet stores. We believe that small businesses are crucially important to the communities we live in, and that’s why we’re highlighting Florida retailer The Paw Depot of Boca Raton in this Stella’s Spotlight!

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About The Paw Depot of Boca Raton

As the name implies, The Paw Depot of Boca Raton is conveniently located in Boca Raton, Florida. Established in 2013, the store was founded out of the owners’ love for pets with a mission to provide high quality pet food to help residents in the Boca Raton area. They truly believe that many pet health issues can be treated first and foremost with proper nutrition.

The Paw Depot of Boca Raton likens its store as a “Whole Foods For Pets”. The store only offers top quality food and treats as well as a full-service grooming salon! They also offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings and provide free delivery and pick up/drop off for grooming services.

Stella & Chewy's at The Paw Depot of Boca Raton

Nutrition & More at The Paw Depot of Boca Raton

What do employees at The Paw Depot of Boca Raton love the most about serving the pets and pet parents in their community? Playing with puppies all day, of course! Pet ownership has changed drastically over the years, and pets have now become integral members of the family unit. The Paw Depot of Boca Raton strives to ensure that their customers are educated in providing the best diet for their fur babies because proper nutrition can extend the lives of our beloved pets.

The Paw Depot of Boca Raton’s favorite Stella & Chewy’s product is our raw-coated kibble. Kibble is the staple of many pets’ diets, so raw-coated kibble is an economical way to add the power of raw to any pet’s diet. The Paw Depot of Boca Raton even has a customer loyalty program in which you can purchase six bags and get the seventh for free!

In addition to top quality nutrition, The Paw Depot of Boca Raton also has a full-service grooming salon and offers non-anesthetic dental cleanings. They also provide walk-in services such as nail trimming, anal gland expression, tooth brushing and more.

The Paw Depot of Boca Raton

Why Shop Local at The Paw Depot of Boca Raton?

The Paw Depot of Boca Raton practices “just in time” ordering. This means that they get new stock in twice a week to ensure that their products are the freshest possible. If they don’t carry it, chances are high that they can special order it within just days! You can not find that level of freshness and customer service at big box stores or online. The Paw Depot of Boca Raton’s customer want to speak to a live person that is educated on pet nutrition and truly cares about results. They have loyal customers that have been coming to them for years due to their nutrition protocols that have helped countless pets thrive.

The Paw Depot of Boca Raton has been a respected member of the Boca Raton and Southern Florida community for years. They work with local shelters to provide free adoption kits which include free food. They also partner with Southern Guide Dogs to provide free dog food for program members. The Paw Depot of Boca Raton even hosts many local community events such as “yappy hours”, pictures with Santa and The Easter Bunny, and Blessing of the Pets.

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