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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support locally owned pet stores in neighborhoods like yours. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: The Hungry Puppy!

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About The Hungry Puppy

Established in 1987 in Farmingdale, NJ, The Hungry Puppy is a staple of the pet community in its home town. Their mission is simple. They strive to create a community that celebrates the relationships people have with their pets. Whether it’s through fun events in their own dog park, training sessions for local pups, or the vast selection of products they stock, their purpose is clear– to help pet parents foster a more meaningful relationship with their pet.

It is the commitment of The Hungry Puppy to serve their community. They accomplish this through product education, excellent product mix, the most competitive pricing, event-driven experiences, a free dog park, and ancillary services such as free delivery provided to their local community.

The dog park at The Hungry Puppy

Nutrition & More at The Hungry Puppy

Pet nutrition experts at The Hungry Puppy are fortunate enough to work in what most would consider a “fun” industry. They actually get to sell toys and food for pets! They especially love Stella & Chewy’s 35oz meal mixers. They provide a tremendous value to the customer who is dedicated to feeding their dog the best.

The Hungry Puppy also offers a free delivery service within a 35 mile geographic proximity to their store. In addition, they also have a veterinary clinic and training facility located on their premises. Lastly, they provide a free dog park with a playground open 24/7 to the general public also located adjacent to the store.

The dog park at The Hungry Puppy

Why Shop Local at The Hungry Puppy?

As independent retailers, stores like The Hungry Puppy provide the community with the freedom to choose. Whether they wish to purchase a product on Amazon or at a national chain, The Hungry Puppy provides alternatives to those customers who wish to support a local community oriented business. Typically, it’s the independent retail channels that spearhead bringing new product innovations to the marketplace.

The Hungry Puppy provides a free dog park for the community to utilize (not just customers). They also sponsor numerous rescue group adoption days at their store in addition to bringing an awareness of the mission through different events they hold throughout the year. They also advocate for responsible pet ownership by offering free engraved dog and cat tags for those owners who have their pets licensed in the surrounding community. Lastly, The hungry Puppy supports the local K9 service dogs for numerous towns in the surrounding counties as well as several Sheriff’s departments and State police dogs!

The Hungry Puppy offers the complete line of Stella and Chewy products and also offers free shipping locally and nationally on most of the product line. To learn more about a neighborhood pet store in your area, check out more Stella’s Spotlights on our blog.