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Stella & Chewy’s proudly supports neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important, which is why we’re highlighting one of our featured retailers– Nature’s Feed!

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About Nature’s Feed

Established in 2008, Nature’s Feed is a locally owned and operated pet store in Spring Grove, Illinois. The boutique was founded on a desire to share the success its founder had with their own pet’s health using natural pet food and supplements. They also wanted to be known in the local area as a trusted pet resource for the community. After all, Nature’s Feed is a place where locals can go to to ask questions about pet food, pet health, pet services, and local animal shelters. Nature’s Feed also generates awareness for local pet organizations in the Spring Grove community and for the importance of supporting these organizations.

Pet professionals at Nature’s Feed love working with pet parents in finding the right solution for their pet. The success stories are the best, and hearing that the pets in the community are feeling better due to using Nature’s Feed products brings them so much joy. Their knowledge, customer support, and community involvement is what makes Nature’s Feed stand out. Nature’s Feed strives to be the best in everything they do and give back to the community. The team is continuously being educated on pet health and products and goes above and beyond to help pet parents meet their needs.

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Other Services at Nature’s Feed

Nature’s Feed has partnered with a local veterinarian to provide titer clinics for pet parents. They also recently hired a dog trainer to support local pet parents by offering training seminars.

Nature’s Feed’s Favorites

Bone broth is probably my favorite! It is an awesome way to hydrate pet food, which is so important. It’s a great way to enhance the pet food at a low cost and easy to use. Most dogs love it and it can be given to cats too!”

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Why Shop Local

Nature’s Feed truly believes that there is a lot of value in partnering with a local natural pet food store. They are able to provide products and education on basic pet challenges. Most of your small, local pet food stores are more knowledgeable than big box stores. Many Nature’s Feed customers are actually able to save money on vet bills by feeding their pet a better diet and using some basic supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics. Also, when you spend money at local, small business most of the dollars stay within the local community.

Nature’s Feed is involved with the local community in several ways! They host pet adoptions and pet nail clipping events regularly. They also have a loyalty program where customers earn a credit for store use or they can donate it to the charity that quarter. Nature’s Feed also attends various community events and provides educational seminars for pet parents and the 4H club in town.

Some people think that small businesses have to charge more for their products, and that is not always true. Nature’s Feed is very competitive and prices are usually at or below some of the large online retailers. They have monthly sales, frequent buyer programs, and in-store events that help bring the cost of products down.

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Stella & Chewy’s Cares

At Stella & Chewy’s, we want all dogs to feel happy and be healthy, which means feeding them the good stuff!  For more helpful articles, product information, and updates, check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.