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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support locally owned pet stores in neighborhoods like yours. That’s why we’re happy to share a little more about Long Leash On Life!

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About Long Leash On Life

Long Leash on Life Stella & Chewy's products

Located at 9800 Montgomery Blvd in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, NM, Long Leash On Life is proud to operate a single location in an extremely pet-friendly neighborhood. The neighborhood pet store’s owner worked for San Diego’s original pet health food, where they were exposed to a whole world of better pet products. This led to the 2006 launch of Long Leash On Life, which was established to help aging dogs maintain optimal health and protect their longevity. As the store’s customer community grew, they expanded their mission to include improving the quality of life for neighborhood cats and dogs through proper nutrition, positive training, and a lifetime of meaningful enrichment. Long Leash On Life maintains a special focus on the wellbeing of local rescue pets.

Long Leash On Life offers pet nutrition consultations and enrichment counseling to help guide pet parents in the best direction possible. They also provide unique Pet Lifestyle Transformations(™) to benefit pets and help them live their best lives. They believe that accurate nutrition information is real power in the hands of conscientious pet parents. One staff favorite is Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried dog and cat food. Its high meat content can help offset allergies and allow pets to thrive. Its universal acceptance makes it an easy sell for both cats and dogs, and its shelf-stable format makes it a hit with most pet parents.

Other Services at Long Leash On Life

Long Leash On Life enjoys partnering with like-minded, health-oriented pet product brands that provide exemplary wellness support and overall performance. The most fulfilling reward for them is in the never-ending array of beneficial health accomplishments observed in their pet customers each and every day. Long Leash On Life also offers a user-friendly DIY pet wash, a wide variety of nutrition and enrichment consultations, and Pet Lifestyle Transformations(™).

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Supporting Local Businesses

Local pet supply retailers are the heart and soul of the pet industry and the starting point for nearly all of the healthy pet consumable brands on the market today. The combination of Long Leash On Life’s friendly service, in-store experiences, and commitment to helping pets cannot be duplicated in mass market stores or on any e-commerce website.

Long Leash On Life has a PAY IT PET-WARD charitable program which helps thousands of under-served pets in need annually. In fact, they’ve donated well over 1

million pounds of pet food to a combination of pet food banks, animal shelters, and local pet rescue organizations in New Mexico. In each of their 16 years in business, they’ve gained maximum gratification from helping reward the dedication of our local animal welfare organizations all while benefiting the pets in their care.

Long Leash On Life is in this business to help pets live better lives, not to make a fast buck selling pet products. They gain great satisfaction from developing a meaningful connection with their human customers and tailoring their sales to specifically fit the needs of their beloved pet customers. In the end, it is all about the pets’ best interests.

Stella & Chewy’s Cares

At Stella & Chewy’s, we want all dogs to feel happy and be healthy, which means feeding them the good stuff!  For more helpful articles, product information, and updates, check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.