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Learn more about neighborhood pet store All Pets Considered in this month’s Stella’s Spotlight!

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About All Pets Considered

Established in August of 1992, All Pets Considered now has two convenient locations in Greensboro, NC. The business has a mission to be a trusted source for premium pet food and supplies for its community while also working hard to support its local animal welfare organizations through community initiatives.

All Pets Considered has been a pillar in the Greensboro community for almost 32 years! Their focus has always been squarely on their customers, from providing a highly educated retail sales staff that can assist with questions and recommendations to uniquely supporting the community they serve. Their staff turnover is extremely low, lending itself well to customers feeling welcomed by faces that they know and trust. All Pets Considered is also 100% woman owned and managed with a team of 5 managers helping to run the stores and grooming salon alongside the two owners.

Stella & Chewy's at All Pets Considered

Nutrition & More at All Pets Considered

So what does All Pets Considered love most about providing products and services for pets in their community? Knowing that they are truly helping pets live healthier, happier lives which in turn helps the people that love them! The best days are the ones when a customer tells them about how impacted their pet has been by recommendations that have come from their staff.

FreshMade Gently Cooked is one of the owners’ favorite Stella & Chewy’s product to recommend because it is a fresh food that can be used as a topper or as a stand alone meal. They find that gently cooked is a great introduction to their freezers and has lead to more conversation about the importance of moisture in a dog’s diet! In addition to top-notch nutrition, All Pets Considered also offers grooming at its Battleground location and a self serve dog wash at its High Point Rd. location.

Why Shop Local at All Pets Considered?

All Pets Considered has been supporting its community in various ways for 32 years. Without the support of its customers shopping local, they would never have been able to repay that generosity by sponsoring little league teams, local swim teams, animal rescue events and giving away over 400 gift baskets to local charity auctions. Shopping local keeps more money in the local economy.

The list of ways All Pets Considered is involved in their local community is a long one. they give away over 400 donation gift baskets annually, sponsor and attend local charity events, do a monthly charity roundup for local animal related organizations, have an event coordinator completely devoted to attending two (or more) community events weekly, serve as a foster home for a local rescue organization, and host monthly adoption events.

Stella & Chewy’s Supports Small Businesses Like All Pets Considered

All Pets Considered works hard to fully (and continuously) vet the manufacturers that they choose for their product lineup. The welfare of their customers’ furry family members is very important to them.

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