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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Rumford Pet Express!

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About Rumford Pet Express

Stella & Chewy's display at Rumford Pet Express with a brown and white puppy.

First established in 1937 in Rumford Rhode Island, Rumford Pet Express has always had a passion for pets. Founded by Herbert “Salty” Baker, who began selling tropical fish out of his basement, the store has been passed down from generation to generation for over 80 years. The Baker family continues to expand the Rumford Pet “paw print” throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts in hopes to create a more natural pet place for humans and their pets.

Rumford Pet Express continues to grow not only within themselves but within the community to provide an ever-increasing love for pets and their people. They strive to make sure all customers are given the best “VIP” experience by providing staff with knowledge-based trainings on nutrition, supplementation, alternative healing, and even something as simple as picking out the purr-fect toy. Rumford takes pride in making positive changes in the lives of customers and their pets. They are passionate about enriching the overall health-span and happiness of our furry friends.

Puppy in a dog bath at Rumford Pet Express, eating Stella & Chewy's Crav'n Bac'n Bites

Providing the Best for Pet Parents

Rumford Pet Express has self serve dog washes at seven of their locations. Providing customers and their stinky dogs with shampoo, conditioner, ear wash, deodorizing spritz, towels, blow dryers, and plenty of treats! They also offer low cost vet clinics, nail trim clinic, and training in some of our locations.

The pet experts at Rumford Pet Express are passionate about pet nutrition, and help the members of their community select the best options for their pets. They are big fans of the Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Mixers and Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels because they are perfect for boosting any dog or cat’s bowl by adding the benefits of raw!

Why Shop Local?

Rumford Pet Express storefront with three employees standing out front.

It is important to support local businesses because it helps build a sense of community. When pet parents go into a neighborhood pet store like Rumford Pet Express, they know they will be well taken care of because they are more connected at the community level.

“When you shop at our stores or see us at outside events, you see the same faces that you might run into at your local coffee shop or park. In our stores you are treated as family, not just a number.”

Rumford Pet Express is heavily involved in the community. They work closely with local rescues like Rhode Home Rescue, Vintage Pet Rescue and many more, and they also participate in other community events like RI Pride, Earth Day tree planting, and even providing housing for vaccine clinics with the RISPCA. Over the past year Rumford Pet Express has donated over $100,000 in supplies, served over 25 local rescues, as well as donated $150,000 meals to animals in need. Rumford Pet Express also got the opportunity to send a pallet of dog food overseas to Ukraine this past February.

“We want pet parents to know that we are here for them and their pets, in hopes to provide the best knowledge, service, and advice for all pet families.”