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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Polkadog Bakery!

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About Polkadog Bakery

A golden retriever sitting in the store surrounded by shelves of pet treats.

Founded in 2002 in Boston, Polkadog Bakery has been committed to helping pet parents find the best products for their pets since day one.

Polkadog Bakery was established as a tribute to Pearl, a stray found outside San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pearl had only one eye, which gave her the funny habit of dancing her head from side to side whenever she stopped to say hello. She did a little sort of polka to everyone she met. So Pearl became the Polka Dog, and danced her way into people’s hearts.

Hard living left Pearl in need of a little extra nurturing, and to spoil her properly they decided to bake her gourmet treats. They used the finest ingredients they could find, mixed and matched different recipes, and baked a little love in every bite. And the Polkadog Bakery was born.

Today, there are 8 Polkadog Bakery locations throughout Massachusetts, and the company continues to support the pets in their community. Polkadog Bakery is dedicated to doing things the right way, which includes making their handmade treats from scratch every day in their Boston kitchen. They use locally sourced ingredients from their network of neighborhood suppliers, and never cut corners.

“Freshness. Quality ingredients. Control of operations. We do all this because it’s what we love and what we believe in.”

Polkadog Bakery’s Favorites

Polkadog Bakery loves the nutrition and convenience of Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers, stating that they are “a super convenient way to add some raw to the dog’s bowl.”

Why Shop Local?

“We engage and support the local community through events, donations, and internships/work programs to name a few. We love helping our customers and neighbors make progress on important projects and causes however we can.”

Polkadog Bakery employs a wide variety of people from their local community, and are passionate about providing job opportunities to people with cognitive or behavioral disabilities. “I think what you get back in the situation is invaluable. You have a great worker on your team . . . and in return, they’re getting real life experience that might not have been afforded to them elsewhere.”1

Polkadog Bakery encourages pet parents to shop local and is proud to be a part of their community. “We are your neighbors and we care about you and your pet. We’re there to help solve your problems and deliver your food on short notice when you run out.”

1Boston 25 News – Tight job market presents opportunities to workers with cognitive or behavioral disabilities