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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Mutts & Co.!

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About Mutts & Co.

Mutt's & Co employees in their store.

Founded in 2007, Mutts & Co. aimed to further the health and wellness of pets in their community, while also creating opportunities to give back by supporting local shelters and rescue groups.

Mutts & Co. has the ideal combination of pet supplies and professional services. They offer a wide range of unique and healthy pet products, from food, toys, treats, supplements and everything else for dogs and cats. Mutts & Co. also has the finest self-serve dog wash facilities in Central Ohio while also offering kennel-free grooming. They have something for every pet parent, all with the love and support of the great Mutts & Co. team members.

The right products and services can make a lasting difference in a pet’s life, which then ultimately can help a family enjoy more quality time with their four-legged family member. Better food, healthy treats and supplements, and regular grooming or bathing can improve the overall wellness of a family pet. And being able to educate pet parents on the keys to a nutritious diet or active lifestyle make our job so rewarding.

Shelves of Stella & Chewy's food at Mutts & Co.

The team at Mutts & Co. loves the versatility and convenience of our Freeze-Dried Raw options. “We love the freeze-dried food and meal mixers. They are like the Swiss Army knife of pet food – so versatile. They can be a high-value treat, a tasty topper, a wet food after rehydration or a soft meal when eaten in crumbles. And for customers who want to add nutrition to their dog’s kibble, a little raw freeze-dried will go a long way.”

Other Services at Mutts & Co.

A customer with two dogs checks out at her local Mutts & Co.

Why Shop Local?

Small business is heart of a local economy. From hiring local employees to giving back to local non-profits and charities, small businesses are essential to the ongoing prosperity of every community.

Mutt’s & Co. works hard to be very involved through participation in local events, donations to local non-profits and supporting local schools and businesses. They coordinate adoption events at their stores so that rescue groups and shelters can connect their adoptable pets with prospective new pet parents.

Mutts & Co's resident dog browsing a shelf of bones.
Mutts & Co Quality Control Inspector