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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support locally owned pet stores in neighborhoods like yours. That’s why we’re happy to share a little more about Dog Supplies Outlet!

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About Dog Supplies Outlet

Dog Supplies Outlet Belgian Malinois

Dog Supplies Outlet operates five neighborhood pet stores in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV area. Founded in 2014, the stores strive to empower pet owners to provide healthy nutrition to their pets while saving as much money as possible. Dog Supplies Outlet keeps their prices low, their quality of products high, adds in free services whenever possible, and has a killer rewards program. But what makes them truly unique is their people. Time and time again Dog Supplies Outlet is raved about for their exceptional customer service. The atmosphere built by these folks is contagious, and not just to the humans! The dogs feel it too. 

Although employees at Dog Supplies Outlet frequently recommend a number of Stella & Chewy’s products to their customers, large bags of Wild Weenies are a staff favorite! No dog can resist those freeze dried weenies! Super tasty for the dogs, and ingredients pet parents LOVE! They’re often used as samples for dogs that visit the stores.

Other Services at Dog Supplies Outlet

Two Dog Supplies Outlet locations in Las Vegas offer FREE dog wash stations with added bells and whistles.. The same locations (Rainbow Blvd and Anthem Village) also have sign-ups available for weekly, FREE nail trimming. Sign up for the Dog Supplies Outlet email list to stay up to date!

Dog Supplies Outlet Belgian Malinois

Support Local Businesses

Dog Supplies Outlet loves to support the local community. Donations, raffles, auctions, and more, this is one category they are always looking to expand further. You get what you give – and Dog Supplies Outlet truly believes that!

The relationships that unfold as a result of being a locally owned business are what make Dog Supplies Outlet the most proud. They get to show pet owners just how much they care about their pets by guiding them to the best possible products. Some products are for fun and some have a more clearly defined purpose. Regardless, they love when one good shopping experience turns into a trusting friendship. Seeing repeated customers (and their dogs) and really getting to know them– well that has to be the best part!

Stella & Chewy’s Cares

At Stella & Chewy’s, we want all dogs to feel happy and be healthy, which means feeding them the good stuff!  For more helpful articles, product information, and updates, check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.