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Both Stella and Chewy, the inspirations for our brand, were adopted as adult dogs. This inspired our passion for adult and senior pet adoption. Through our Journey Home Fund, we work to raise awareness about the joys of older pet adoption, while helping to support shelters and rescues across the country who share our mission. Animal shelters and rescues do so much for animals and their communities, often with limited resources. Learn how you can show your appreciation for their work and help their efforts

Adopt a pet

If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your family, consider adopting from a local shelter or rescue group.

Foster a pet

Opening your home to a pet in need while they wait for their forever home reduces some of the stress on the pet and frees up space in shelters.


There are many ways to help out at your local shelter and most are in constant need of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers might do things like petting cats, taking dogs on walks, cleaning kennels, transporting animals, or helping with the adoption process. If you have a special skill or area of expertise, for example carpentry, law, photography or marketing, you could lend your knowledge or skills. 

Donate money

Every shelter and rescue has bills to pay. Your generous monetary donation may be used for anything from Food, supplies and staff training to pet medical expenses, daily operations and  adoption fees

Raise money

Hold a fundraiser to raise money for a shelter or rescue. Set up a fundraiser on social media for your birthday, organize a walk, or have a live event.

Donate food or supplies

Always check with your local shelter to see what their current needs are. However, most shelter are in almost constant need of the following:

Become a fan

Like and follow local shelters and rescues on social media, and invite your friends and families to do the same. Engage by commenting and sharing posts.


Become a voice for homeless pets and join an advocacy group that is working at local, state, or national levels to support animal-friendly policies. 

Support spay and neuter programs

Helping to prevent the overpopulation of pets would reduce overcrowding in shelters.