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What Kinds of Eggs to Use

The bright, plastic eggs we know and love are a great option to use when creating an Easter egg hunt for your dog so long as they’re not a big chewer. For dogs that love to chew, the hard plastic can actually break into sharp, dangerous shards that can cause injury inside the mouth. For the pet parents out there with dogs who love to chew, a safer, easy-to-use, alternative could be a Kong or toy(s) with openings for hidden treats.

Fill ‘Em with the Good Stuff

When it comes time to fill your dog’s Easter eggs, be sure to steer clear of using treats that are meant for humans. Instead, use kibble, dog treats, or even pet-safe fruits and vegetables. Depending on the size of the Easter egg or toy(s) you’re using, Stella & Chewy’s has many different options for filling ‘em with the good stuff, like freeze-dried raw, baked, and jerky treats and grain-free or wholesome grain kibbles!

White dog with Easter basket
Bulldog with bunny ears and an Easter basket

Position the Eggs Carefully

Now, for the fun part, hiding the Easter eggs. You’ll want to keep your hiding spots simple and low to the ground so that you avoid any unwanted behaviors, like your pup jumping or climbing on things. Locations like under a bush or behind a curtain give your dog enough challenge without the possibility of them knocking anything over. As your dog is on the hunt, use words of encouragement in a happy, upbeat voice to continue their engagement. And, once they find the first Easter egg, they won’t stop until all of the treats have been devoured!

Learn More from Stella & Chewy’s

At Stella & Chewy’s, we love helping pets and pet parents live their best lives! If that means creating an Easter egg hunt for your dog, then we hope you both enjoy this fun activity. To learn more about all things pet, check out Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.