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Oak Creek, WI. (June 3, 2020)Stella & Chewy’s, a best-in-class premium nutritional pet food, continues to advance in the pet food industry by introducing new dog and cat products, line extensions and tasty new ingredients.

“The launch of these ingredients to our product lines is one we’re really excited about,” said Marc Hill, CEO, Stella & Chewy’s. “From the introduction of Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust for cats to adding bacon, pumpkin and quinoa to some of our most popular dog products, we think there’s going to be some really happy family pets out there. We’re always looking to provide the best nutrition for pet parents, and not only do dogs find pumpkin tasty, it’s also a nutrient rich food that’s low in calories, filled with vitamin A and potassium, improves muscle health and helps with a dogs’ digestive system.”

Cats will go wild for the new Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust. Available in cage-free chicken and wild-caught salmon with cage-free chicken, the meal topper is perfect for those picky eaters who are just looking for a special tasty addition to their meals. The raw nutrition comes in an easy-to-pour spout seven ounce bag and retails for $19.99.

Dogs will bark with happiness when they find out bacon has been added to both the Wild Weenie’s and Dog Magical Dust lines. Wild Weenies Bac’n Me Crazy features bacon as the number one ingredient – potato, pea, grain and gluten free – and made from real and raw nutritional ingredients. Wild Weenies are available in two sizes: three and 11 ounce zip tight bags. Duck Goose and What’s Shak’n Bac’n recipes are new to Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust. Both flavors come in the easy-to-pour seven ounce bag and retail for $19.99.

“There’s really not anything that needs to be said about the addition of bacon to our product lines,” said Hill. “Dogs just hear the word and can’t contain themselves.”

Every pet parent knows the important role pumpkin plays in a dogs’ health, which is why Stella & Chewy’s is excited to add both pumpkin and quinoa to new and current lines of its dog food. The two ingredients have been added to the salmon, beef, duck, lamb and chicken Raw Coated Baked and the Raw Coated Blend Kibble and Wholesome Grains lines, and are available in 3.5 – 22 pound bags.

New to Stella & Chewy’s product line is Marie’s Mix-Ins which can be served as a treat or topper to a dog’s meal. It includes real whole muscle meat in nutrient-rich bone broth and has turmeric added for joint support. Marie’s Mix-Ins are 100% human-grade, responsibly sourced animal proteins, grain-gluten-pea and lentil free. Flavors include beef, chicken, salmon and turkey – all include pumpkin as a primary ingredient and are available in 5.5 ounce packages.

About Stella & Chewy’s

Founded in 2003, the company strives to provide the highest quality natural pet food with an emphasis on nutrition, palatability, safety and convenience. Stella & Chewy’s dog and cat products include frozen patties and morsels, freeze-dried dinners and meal mixers, baked kibble, stews and broths and treats. Headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, all of the company’s products are made in the United States. Stella & Chewy’s proudly created Journey Home Fund; a charity that promotes adult and senior pet adoptions. For more information about the company, products and the nearest retailer, visit or call 877-477-8977.