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The Importance of Good Nutrition for Senior Pets

November 26, 2018

We all want to feed our pets the best and help them achieve happy, healthy, and longer lives. High-quality nutrition becomes an even more important aspect as our pets age.

Just like in humans, aging presents health issues that sometimes we simply cannot avoid. We can’t change genetics, but supporting your senior cat or dog’s life with the right nutrition can both prevent or manage certain health conditions.

JB Pictured above, 10 year old rescued by Newman Nation

Dental Health: Dental health declines with age as plaque and tartar build up and the integrity of teeth and gums weakens. Senior pets may have bad breath and/or lose teeth as they get older. The natural enzymes and ground bone in Stella & Chewy’s raw recipes protect against bacterial growth in the mouth and promote clean teeth and gums.

Sensitive Stomach: High-quality nutrition is key to proper digestion, and Stella & Chewy’s recipes are minimally processed, meaning they are able to be digested more effectively. All formulas also contain added probiotics and natural sources of fiber, like raw ground bone and pumpkin seed. Sudden changes in diet, including overfeeding, can sometimes result in digestive issues. Always introduce any new food by slowly mixing with your current diet for the first 7-10 days, increasing the amount of Stella & Chewy’s while decreasing the amount of the other brand.

Sensitive Skin: Skin issues become common as pets get older, as self-grooming decreases in cats and the immune system weakens. Skin issues may also arise from health conditions, such as hypo- or hyperthyroidism. The natural oils and omega fatty acids in Stella & Chewy’s formulas help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat, and limited ingredient recipes, as well as more novel protein choices, are available to avoid allergies.

Kidney Function: Moisture is key in older pets, in order to keep their kidneys and other systems functioning properly. Adding a wet food into the diet, like Stella’s Stews, is an easy way to increase hydration levels. Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw and Freeze-Dried Raw (rehydrated with cool or warm water or Broth Toppers) recipes contain between 65-72% moisture. Adding moisture to any type of diet also helps soften the food for pets that are missing teeth.

Decreased Appetite: As cats and dogs get older, their food preferences may change. It’s important to keep them interested in food and maintaining weight. Stella & Chewy’s meat-based recipes have the flavor that dogs and cats crave, and the raw scent and flavor caters to their natural desires. Some pets prefer certain recipes over others, so it might be worthwhile to test out some other proteins. Cats and dogs may also prefer freeze-dried over frozen and vice versa. One thing you can try is including some warm broth or water with the food – this increases the smell of the food and is usually a great way to entice older pets to eat.

Joint Health: Muscle mass in cats and dogs decreases throughout the years, so help is needed to maintain healthy lean muscle condition. The meat, organs and ground bones in raw recipes support lean strong muscles, stamina and vitality. Organ meats also provide a great source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble and Raw Blend Kibble contain industry-leading levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health, and are a great kibble option for senior pets.



*Stella & Chewy’s recommends reaching out to your vet or to a holistic vet first to see if our products might be a good fit for your pet.

*Stella & Chewy’s takes numerous steps that many others may not.  We responsibly source only the best ingredients, make our raw food in our own kitchen so we control the whole process and HPP all of our raw food. HPP is a kill step for harmful bacteria and pathogens, it is one the reasons we stand behind our raw food as being safe for dogs, cats and everyone else in your household.

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