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From our protein-packed Raw Coated Kibble to Wild Weenies treats that’ll give your pet that satisfying sensation, Stella & Chewy’s has some champion plays to make their game day experience unforgettable.

Flea Flicking Kibble

Toss some pieces of Raw Coated Kibble to your pup just like the flea flickers they see on TV. From whitefish and beef to chicken and duck, our roster is stacked with a lineup that your pet will love.

Flea Flicker Football Play

QT (Cutie) Sneak Football Play

QT (Cutie) Sneakin’ Raw Coated Biscuits

There’s nothing sneaky about how delicious our Raw Coated Biscuits are. Your pet is the QB in your life, so run a QT (Cutie) Sneak of gently-baked goodness into their mouth. These treats are offered in chicken, duck, beef, and lamb proteins, so there’s a flavor that’ll match any player’s tastebuds.

40-Yard Dachshund With Wild Weenies

You don’t get much better than a weiner dog going wild for Wild Weenies! These all-natural, freeze-dried raw treats contain 97% muscle and organ meat, which is sure to get your pup prepped for catching an interception.

40-Yard Dachshund Football Play
Purrrl Route Football Play

Purrrl Route for Our Feline Friends

Our Raw Kibble for cats is sure to get your furry friend on a route straight to the endzone. When you want a snack that’s rich in omegas for a healthy coat, the call is easy…throw a Hail Mary to a wide variety of protein-packed deliciousness.

Pet Playbook from Stella & Chewy’s

Our wide variety of raw-inspired treats are fan favorites, especially when it comes time to watch the big game. We hope you’ll be inspired to treat your pet to some delicious snacks for game time in the same way you’ll be munching on goodies for yours! To learn more tips and tricks for your best bud, visit Our Blog: For the Pet Obsessed.