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Luna and Cedar

Luna and Cedar

Luna is a ten-year old rescued beagle that lives with her one-year old goldendoodle brother, Cedar, in Atlanta, GA. The pair spends their time hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Trail as well as running up and down the beach at Hilton Head Island. Luna has never been a picky eater and would eat rocks if they were in her bowl, but keeping her weight under control is key for this sugarfaced beagle! Stella & Chewy's allows us to feed her healthy raw patties, keeping her fit and trim but also energized to go on adventures! Cedar, on the other hand, has been picky since the day he came home! We have tried EVERY food out there and he decided that S&C was the ONLY food he will eat! He has great taste! The many options of proteins within the Raw Coated Kibble line allows Cedar to stay interested in his food and not get bored. Thank you, Stella & Chewy's for making the perfect healthy products for this adventurous family!


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