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What is diabetes?

Diabetes in dogs is a condition where the dogs bodies are not able to use glucose, a type of sugar, normally normally found in a variety of foods. This happens when the pancreas fails to produce, or produces too little, insulin.

What are the risk factors for diabetes in dogs?

For dogs, obesity and middle age are risk factors for diabetes. For dogs, female dogs that have not been spayed are at a higher risk, as are some breeds, including popular breeds like pugs, golden retrievers and poodles.

What are the symptoms of diabetes in dogs?

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, be sure to contact your veterinarian: 

What should I feed my diabetic dog?

Always consult a veterinarian first to be sure to feed the right food for your dog’s individual needs. Most diabetic dogs do best on a Frozen Raw diet for dogs or Freeze-Dried Raw diets for dogs .

How can I help prevent my dog from getting diabetes?

A healthy lifestyle may reduce your dog’s risk of getting diabetes, but keep in mind some dogs may still develop the condition. A balanced diet, ideal body weight and daily exercise are the best prevention methods.

Dogs with diabetes can live long and healthy lives with proper management of their condition, veterinary care and a healthy lifestyle.