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September is National Chicken Month and we’re shining a spotlight on all of our chicken recipes for cats and dogs! No matter which type of diet you’re looking to feed your pet, Stella & Chewy’s has a chicken recipe for you! All Stella & Chewy’s chicken recipes include responsibly sourced, cage-free chicken without added hormones or antibiotics.

Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is a great source of lean protein for your pet that provides them with the energy to thrive without as many calories as other meats. As an easily digestible animal ingredient, chicken is gentler on your pet’s digestive system than other proteins and their bodies are able to absorb most of the nutrients from the food. Chicken is also a natural source of omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and shiny coat, along with glucosamine for hip and joint function and bone health.

Dry Food

We offer numerous chicken recipes throughout our dry food product lines that are all made in the USA with the world’s finest and safest ingredients. As a convenient and sometimes more economical option, kibble is a popular choice among pet parents.

FOR DOGS | If you’re looking for grain-free recipes, try our Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Baked Kibble. Looking for a puppy-specific or small breed kibble? Try our Puppy Cage-Free Chicken or Small Breed Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Baked Kibble recipes. Prefer wholesome grains? Our Chicken Recipe with Pumpkin & Quinoa or Chicken & Ancient Grains Recipe include quality wholesome grains like brown rice, pearled barley, oatmeal, quinoa, and millet. We also offer a small breed solution with our Small Breed Chicken & Ancient Grains Recipe.

FOR CATS | Our grain-free Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble provides complete and balanced nutrition with all the nutrients your feline friend needs to stay happy and healthy. Each piece of kibble is coated in our irresistible freeze-dried raw chicken recipe for a taste they’ll go wild for.

Freeze-Dried Raw

Our complete and balanced freeze-dried raw diets for cats and dogs are made in our own Wisconsin kitchen and mirror what their ancestors ate in the wild. During the freeze-drying process, all of the moisture is removed from the food, resulting in a shelf-stable product that is the most convenient way to feed your pet a real raw diet.

FOR DOGS | Our freeze-dried raw diets for dogs mirror their ancestral diet with 95% meat, organs, and bone. Recipes include appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals and are enhanced with probiotics and antioxidants to support whole body health. Your pup will love our freeze-dried Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties! For small breed dogs, try Chicken Little Lil’ Bites which are perfectly sized for small mouths and include added chia seed for skin and coat health.

FOR CATS | Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels mirror a cat’s ancestral diet with 98% meat, organs, and bone. Our recipes offer complete and balanced nutrition with the vitamins and minerals cats need along with added probiotics for healthy digestion.

Frozen Raw

The most pure, pristine, and economical raw nutrition available, made in our own Wisconsin kitchen! Feed your pet what nature intended with high protein raw recipes that retain adequate moisture to keep them hydrated.

FOR DOGS | Stella & Chewy’s frozen raw diets offer 95% meat, organs, and bone like your dog’s ancestors ate in the wild. Try our frozen Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties, available in small and large patties, or our Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Morsels.

FOR CATS | Our frozen Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner Morsels contain 98% meat, nutrient-rich organs, and bone.

Wet Food

Our complete and balanced wet food diets for cats and dogs are nutrient-rich and contain a high moisture content. These diets are great for picky eaters or for older pets who may have issues with harder food options!

FOR DOGS | Cage-Free Chicken Stella’s Stew is 100% human-grade with real whole muscle meat and organic, fresh-cut vegetables. This recipe is kettle cooked in small batches just like homemade and is brimming with taste and nutrition.

FOR CATS | Cage-Free Chicken Marvelous Morsels and Cage-Free Chicken Purrfect Pate offer 100% human-grade ingredients with real whole muscle meat drenched in nutrient-rich and easily digestible bone broth. Another delicious option is our Chicken & Chicken Liver Carnivore Cravings recipe with real shredded muscle meat in tasty broth.

Mixers & Toppers

Make mealtime more exciting with Stella & Chewy’s variety of nutritious toppers to add to your pet’s diet!

FOR DOGS | Kickstart your dog’s kibble with Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers or Cage-Free Chicken SuperBlends. These freeze-dried raw morsels are easy to scoop, mix, and serve real raw nutrition! Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust Cage-Free Chicken also makes it simple to add the power and taste of raw with a convenient easy-pour spout. To add moisture and taste to the diet, pour over Cage-Free Chicken Broth made with 4 simple ingredients.

FOR CATS | It’s simple to sprinkle freeze-dried raw nutrition on top of your cat’s food with Cage-Free Chicken Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust! Our Cage-Free Chicken Broth is also safe for cats and nutrient-packed with just 4 simple ingredients.


Treat your pet to some delicious chicken treats that are perfect for training or rewarding!

FOR DOGS | We offer a variety of chicken treat recipes your pup will go wild for! Check out Chicken Carnivore Crunch, Chicken Raw Coated Biscuits, Chicken Wild Weenies, Crav’n Bac’n Bites Bacon & Chicken, or single ingredient treats including Chicken Breast Treats and Chicken Heart Treats!

FOR CATS | Our Chicken Carnivore Crunch, Chicken Breast Treats, and Chicken Heart Treats are great for cats as well as dogs!

What are you waiting for? Go out and celebrate National Chicken Month with our egg-cellent recipes today! Find a store near you and tell us more about your pet to save $5 on your next purchase.