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At Stella & Chewy’s, we believe all pets deserve to be rewarded. Treats are the perfect way to bond with your furry friend, whether they’re used for training or just treating. Stella & Chewy’s offers 4 best-in-class treat options to drive your pet wild. You can feel good, too, as our treat recipes provide raw nutrition, use responsibly sourced proteins, and include the world’s finest and safest ingredients.

Carnivore Crunch

Despite their name, these are the softest treat option suitable for both dogs and cats. With 98% meat, organs and ground bone and less than 3 calories per freeze-dried raw nugget, these are the perfect high-value treats great for training and everyday rewards. All recipes contain a single source protein ideal for pets with food allergies or sensitivities.

• Grass-Fed Beef
• Cage-Free Chicken
• Cage-Free Duck
• Cage-Free Turkey

Wild Weenies

Humans and dogs alike go wild for these treats (and their name)! Wild Weenies are all-natural, freeze-dried raw with 97% muscle meat and nutrient-rich organ meat. The unique shape and texture will make any dog go wild and these are a great treat option for showing your dog how much you care. Easily break them apart into smaller pieces with limited mess. Wild Weenies are also an easy way to hide and deliver supplements and oils; simply break in half, add the oil and watch it quickly absorb before feeding.

Grass-Fed Beef
Cage-Free Chicken
Cage-Free Duck
Grass-Fed Lamb
Red Meat Recipe
Game Bird Recipe

Raw Coated Biscuits

Gently baked and coated in irresistible freeze-dried raw, these treats take biscuits to a whole new level that truly mirror a whole prey diet. Meat is the #1 ingredient and recipes are rich in organ meat for high palatability your dog will drool over. Raw Coated Biscuits are a good option for medium and large dogs and serve as a more nutritious option to traditional hard biscuits on the market.

Grass-Fed Beef
Cage-Free Chicken
Cage-Free Duck
Grass-Fed Lamb

Single Ingredient Treats

Bite-sized, protein-packed treats made with 1 simple ingredient: freeze-dried raw, nutrient-rich organ meat. Our Single Ingredient Treats are ideal for dogs (or cats) with food allergies or sensitivities. Use for training, treating or add/crumble over your pet’s food bowl as a topper.

Beef Heart
Beef Liver
Chicken Breast
Chicken Heart
Lamb Heart
Lamb Liver