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What is dandruff?

Just like in humans, cat dandruff is simply dry, dead skin cells that you may notice as white flecks in your cat’s fur. Your cat’s skin may be noticeably dry or inflamed as well and they may be grooming or itching more than usual. Dry skin and dandruff can lead to increased shedding and dander in your home and it’s important to help support your cat’s skin and coat health.

What causes dandruff?

Nutrition: Many different nutrients promote skin and coat health and your cat’s diet may be lacking.
Environment: Warm temperatures may play a role in cat dandruff by drying out their skin.
Bathing: Bathing your cat a lot can dry out their skin as shampoos and other products may strip away natural oils.
Health Issues: Dandruff can be indicative of other underlying health issues or infections. Always contact your veterinarian with any concerns.
Stress: Poor skin and coat health could be contributed to stress. Stressed cats may stop grooming themselves or they may groom excessively.

Promoting skin & coat health

Feed a high quality, complete and balanced diet.
Choose a high quality, easily digestible food. Foods high in protein that contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids will support healthy skin and a shiny coat, along with adequate levels of vitamin A.

Ensure proper hydration.
Moisture is always important in overall well-being, but it can be difficult to know if your cat is drinking enough on their own. Feeding a diet that is naturally high in moisture content, like raw food or wet food, is beneficial. Make sure your cat has constant access to fresh, clean water and consider trying a water fountain if they seem more enticed by running water.

Consult with your veterinarian.
Your vet may have suggestions to try at home like a pet-safe, moisturizing shampoo, a medication, a specialized brush or comb, vitamins, or all-natural supplements that will help give your cat’s fur a little boost.

Brush your cat regularly.
Cats are usually good self-groomers but some could use a little help! Brushing your cat on a regular basis with a quality brush or comb helps remove dead skin cells and excess fur while stimulating natural oil production.

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