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During hot summer days, cats can be at risk of dehydration and heatstroke just like dogs and humans. Help keep your cat stay as cool as possible and learn what to do if they need help cooling down.

How cats keep themselves cool

Cats can be pretty smart about keeping themselves cool.

They conserve their energy

Your cat may take longer naps and generally be less active during really hot weather. They will sleep during the hotter part of the day, becoming active in the evening.

They lay on cool surfaces

Cats understand that cool surfaces, like tile or cement floors, will keep them cool. Your cat may also seek out cool spots under the bed or in a closet to stay out of direct sunlight.

How to help your cat stay cool in hot weather

Provide fresh water

Keeping fresh water available for your cat will encourage them to stay hydrated. Consider adding ice cubes to a bowl of water to cool it down.

Keep the air conditioning on

If your home has air conditioning, consider setting it to a comfortable temperature instead of turning it off if you leave the house.

Use a fan

Place a fan on the ground, or near where your cat lays, to provide a gentle breeze.

Icy treats

Freeze up their favorite wet cat food in ice cube trays or molds for a delicious cold treat.

Groom them

Brushing your cat daily will help remove excess fur and make them feel more comfortable.

How to cool down a cat

Keep your cat out of cars and other closed areas with no air flow. Cats can be susceptible to heatstroke if they are in a situation where they can’t cool down. If your cat starts to pant and drool, help them cool down and call your veterinarian if they are drooling or vomiting.