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When to Start Training

The sooner, the better! Creating new habits for your cat sooner rather than later is going to establish this process into their routine. Additionally, training your cat to use the bathroom in their litter box will prevent them from soiling your belongings. If you’ll be working with a new kitten, you should wait until they’re at least 4 weeks old because this time frame coincides with when they’ll start weaning.

Choosing the Right Cat Litter Box

Finding the right cat litter box

Nobody wants to use the bathroom in an uncomfortable setting, including your cat! When deciding on the perfect cat litter box for your furry friend, be sure to think about the following:

Once you have the right kind of cat litter box for your furry friend, it’s time to pick the litter that goes inside!

Picking the Best Kind of Litter

All cats are different, which is why there are many kinds of litter to choose from. And, unfortunately, finding the right litter for your cat will most likely be a trial and error process. One thing to keep in mind is that it might be easier for you if your cat can work with a clumping litter since it’ll be easier to scoop.

Introducing your cat to its litter box

Placing Your Cat’s Litter Box

Just like your cat’s bed, it’s crucial to find the perfect spot for your cat’s litter box. A few things to keep in mind when placing your cat’s litter box are:

After you’ve placed your cat’s litter box, it’s time to make the introduction!

Introducing Your Cat to Its Litter Box

As with anything new, it’s important to allow your cat to be curious when it comes to their litter box. First, show your cat the locations of each of their cat litter boxes, if applicable, and let them sniff around. Next, place your cat in the litter box to show them that everything is okay and this is their new safe space. And lastly, try putting your furry friend in their litter box after they eat, drink, or wake up from a nap if they start to avoid their restroom for any reason.

Reward Good Behavior with Stella & Chewy’s

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