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As natural predators, cats have a strong instinct to chase and hunt. Satisfying this urge can help your cat feel more happy and relaxed, and the action of chasing provides amazing exercise. Flirt poles (toys attached to a pole by a string) are a great way to interact with your cat while allowing them to hunt. You can use a flirt pole or other cat enrichment toys to simulate hunting a small animal, leading them around the house and up on cat furniture. This is also a good way to interact with your cat and build a strong bond with them.

Two cats sitting on a cat tree


Cats naturally want to view the world from an elevated spot, as many cat parents with tall bookshelves or cabinets often discover. This comes from their instinct to protect themselves by gaining a high vantage point to observe the world from. Cat trees and mounted cat ‘shelves’ are two great options for satisfying this urge to climb, and can provide exercise and a sense of security for your cat. This is also a great passive activity for shy cats, as they can explore and observe without feeling vulnerable.


Just like people, cats like to tackle a mentally challenging task. Pet puzzles are a great way to engage your cat’s mind and allow them to solve a task on their own. Put your cat’s favorite snacks, like these Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels, in the puzzle and watch them navigate each piece to get their tasty reward. Puzzles for pets can be found at your local neighborhood pet store, or through online retailers.


Cats are incredibly curious, and they love to explore new places. One way to provide healthy mental and physical stimulation for your cat is to introduce them to the great outdoors. With a leash and harness or a cat backpack, you can safely bring your feline friend to a pet-safe hiking trail (or just your backyard) to explore and smell the world around them.

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