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Why We Love Mixed Breed Dogs

The Best Things About Mutts

We’re celebrating all the things that make mutts amazing and unique!

What makes a mutt great?

A mutt is truly one of a kind

No mutt is identical as they can be made up of a wide variety of breeds causing unique characteristics both in looks and personality. Your mixed breed dog is one in a million!

Mixed breed dogs can do anything purebred dogs can do

Whether it’s tricks or working talents (like police dogs, service dogs, or therapy dogs), mutts can be trained and learn just as well as purebred dogs.

Mutts can have better overall health

The variety of genetics in mixed breed dogs make them less likely to inherit diseases, disorders, or other issues. Mutts are at a lower risk than purebred dogs to develop things like heart issues, spinal/hip problems, and even some cancers.

Mixed breeds may have longer lifespans

Due to their decreased likelihood of medical problems versus purebred dogs, mutts can live longer and spend more years with you.

Mutts can be more well-behaved

Purebred dogs were originally bred for specific jobs, like hunting, guarding, or herding, that required certain behaviors. If some purebred dogs don’t get the type of physical and mental stimulation they need, these traits and behaviors can be problematic in a home environment. Mixed breed dogs are more likely to be laid back and conform well to their owner’s environment and lifestyle.

A dog of any breed is a best friend

Let’s be honest: all dogs are human’s best friend and you can’t go wrong having any dog in your life. Mixed breed dogs are just as loving and loyal as any other and will make your life complete.

Adopting a mutt = saving a life (or two!)

About 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breed dogs which tend to have longer stays than purebred dogs who are adopted more quickly. When you rescue a mutt from a shelter, you are not only saving their life, but the life of the dog who takes their place in the open kennel

Stella and Chewy, the inspirations for our brand, were both adopted mixed breed dogs! Give your mixed breed dog some extra love while recognizing and celebrating their beautiful individuality.

Stella & Chewy's founder, Marie Moody, next to her mixed breed dogs, Stella and Chewy
Our Founder, Marie Moody, with Stella and Chewy.