All You Need is Raw

Raw food made with love.

It's what we make here.

We use the world’s finest ingredients from suppliers we know and trust.

Why Raw Food?

Raw food is the closest thing your pet can eat to their ancestral diet. It tastes incredible and helps with keeping a healthy weight and shiny coat, cleaner teeth, supports stronger muscle, bone and joint health, and helps improve energy.

  • Cat jumping Improved energy
  • Dog laying on back Incredible taste to satisfy picky eaters
  • Dog fist bumping Strong muscle, bone, & joint health
  • Dog thinking Shiny coat & cleaner teeth
  • Cat at attention Great for allergies
    no hidden ingredients
  • Dog looking lovingly Healthy weight

What is raw food?

It’s the best way to show how much you love your pet! Delicious, less processed, and easy to digest.

In the beginning

Meet Marie, the founder of Stella & Chewy’s whose mission is to spread the power of raw nutrition to all pets.

What is freeze-dried?

It’s the easiest way to introduce raw into your pet’s diet! It takes the water out of the food, while keeping raw nutrients and flavors.

From our responsibly sourced raw animal proteins, to 100% organic fruits & veggies, we’re about providing the absolute best for our pets.

Raw is all they need

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