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Whether you have a picky eater, want to incorporate the benefits of raw into the diet, or want to add needed moisture to your dog’s food, Stella & Chewy’s has a meal topper option to fit the needs of all pets and pet parents.

Meal Mixers

Freeze-dried raw Meal Mixers are a convenient way to add the benefits and palatability of raw into the diet. Simply add a scoop to the current diet and serve!* Add Meal Mixers in whole, crumble them over the food into smaller pieces or a powder, or add cool or warm (never hot) water or broth to soften.

Lil’ Bites

Lil’ Bites is a perfect bite-sized freeze-dried raw option. Whether you have a small breed dog or prefer the smaller pieces for your bigger dog, these are a great option for adding a raw boost. Simply add a scoop to the bowl and watch your dog go wild.*

Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust

Does your dog pick out the toppers you add to their diet? Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust, our freeze-dried raw dog food in dust form, makes it easy to coat your dog’s kibble so they can’t pick the good stuff out. This is the perfect topper in convenient, easy to use packaging featuring a pour spout, to entice picky eaters and conveniently add the power and taste of raw to your dog’s diet! Simply open the easy-pour spout and sprinkle 2 tablespoons for every one cup of your dog’s food*

Stella’s Stew

Wet dog food is not only delicious but adds important moisture into your dog’s diet. Just like homemade, Stella’s Stew is kettle cooked in small batches using 100% human-grade ingredients, USDA inspected muscle meat and organic vegetables. Serve alone as a snack, add on top of the current food or mix it in for a burst of nutrition and flavor.*

Broth Toppers

Broth is another great way to add flavorful and nutrient-rich moisture into your dog’s diet, especially if you’re worried that they don’t drink ample water at mealtime on their own. Our Broth Toppers are made with 4 simple ingredients brimming with taste and nutrition. Serve as a tasty drink or pour over your dog’s meal – this can help entice picky eaters as well! Use ¼ cup of bone broth per day for every 25lbs body weight.*

Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

A freeze-dried raw option in a round patty shape. Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties easily crumble or break the patty into smaller pieces and top your dog’s bowl with nutritious and irresistible raw.* There are so many recipes to choose from, your dog will want to try them all!

*When adding a topper to the diet, make sure to decrease the original food to accommodate for the added product. Adjust according to your dog’s weight, activity level, and breed. Reach out to our customer service team at or 888-477-8977 with any questions or for more detailed information.

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