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Lil’ Bites Small Breed Raw Diet

Discover our line of freeze-dried raw food perfectly sized for small breed dogs (but great for dogs of all sizes)! Lil’ Bites can be fed as a complete and balanced raw meal for small dogs of all life stages, or used as a bowl topper to add variety and mealtime excitement.

A Raw Diet Is Good for Small Dogs

Raw dog food has many benefits for dogs, and small breeds are no exception! From a shinier coat to improved energy, dogs of all sizes can enjoy the irresistible taste of raw while eating the closest they can get to their ancestral diet.

Choose from cage-free chicken or grass-fed beef – they’re both made from 95% raw muscle meat, nutrient-rich organs and bone.

Lil’ Bites, Big Benefits

No matter the size of our freeze-dried raw dog food pieces, they all have the same premium-quality ingredients and undergo the same rigorous safety checks.

But smaller-sized morsels offer benefits specifically for smaller dogs:

Feeding Raw Food for Small Breeds

To serve Lil’ Bites as a complete and balanced meal, refer to portion guidelines on the packaging or product page on our website. Our freeze-dried raw dog foods can be eaten as-is, or rehydrated with water or bone broth.

To serve Lil’ Bites as a topper or meal mixer, just add a scoop to your dog’s kibble or wet food. You can also crumble or crush the pieces and sprinkle them over their bowl.