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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support small business. That’s why we’re highlighting one of our local retailers– Incredible Pets!

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About Incredible Pets

Incredible Pets provides premium pet products and services to its local communities, including locations in Auburn, Grass Valley, Carmichael, East Sacramento, and Greenhaven, California. First established in 1995, Incredible Pets was founded to help customers find the right pet food and solutions for their pets by providing knowledgeable, personalized service and a wide selection of high-quality pet products. Pet experts at each of the five locations are trained to provide personalized recommendations to fit each individual pet parent’s budget and specific needs. Whether your dog is a picky eater or you’re looking for a solution to a specific dietary need, Incredible Pets educates their staff to support pets from all walks of life.

Stella & Chewy's at Incredible Pets

Other Services at Incredible Pets

As you might expect from their name, Incredible Pets has a mission to help pets and pet parents feel incredible! They love solving problems and offering expert services to their local communities. In addition to a huge selection of retail products, they also offer self-serve dog wash stations and VIP pet care veterinary clinics. Best-in-class nutrition helps keep your pet’s coat looking its best, but a good bath can show off just how healthy and beautiful they really are!

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Incredible Pets Favorites

What’s Incredible Pets’ favorite Stella & Chewy’s product? That would be the one and only Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust! As a business owner and mom of two little kids and two big dogs, the owner of Incredible Pets doesn’t have tons of time in the morning and doesn’t want to wash her hands after feeding her dogs. Marie’s Magical Dinner dust features a convenient pour-and-go packaging that allows her to keep her pups happy without much mess or effort. This convenient meal topper is also an excellent recommendation for pet parents with picky eaters and those looking to make a slow transition to raw feeding.

Stella & Chewy's Dry Dog Food at Incredible Pets

Support Local Businesses Like Incredible Pets

Incredible Pets will always bring more heart to any town or neighborhood than a big box store. Without small business, the community loses a certain amount of personality as well as a neighborly connection that can’t be beat by large corporations or online retailers. Incredible Pets partners with local animal organizations in both day-to-day efforts and fundraising events. They also have a generous donation program that supports local organizations both pet-related and not.

Stella & Chewy’s Cares

Incredible Pets is truly a small business with big reach! While their stores are located in Northern California, they have an amazing team that ships orders across the country. At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re proud to support local neighborhood pet stores like Incredible Pets. Learn more about some of our favorite local pet stores by visiting our blog.