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Stella & Chewy’s proudly supports locally owned pet stores in neighborhoods like yours. Learn more about A1 Pet Emporium in today’s Stella’s Spotlight!

About A1 Pet Emporium

A1 Pet Emporium operates four locally owned stores in the State of Oklahoma. With two locations in Oklahoma City, one in Edmond, and one in Norman, A1 has the area covered to fulfill all their neighbors’ pet food needs! A1 Pet Emporium was established in February 2010 after the owners discovered that one of their dog’s allergies were caused by a well-known brand of food that contained ingredients like corn, wheat, and by-products. They put her on a diet that was high in natural meat proteins with no corn, no wheat, no by-products, no soy, and no other cheap fillers. Her symptoms improved immediately and completely disappeared within a few weeks. Realizing that there were probably other pet owners in the same situation, they started A1 Pet Emporium Dog & Cat Food Natural Market to provide fellow pet owners with high-quality pet food.

A1 Pet Emporium has two missions. First, they strive to assist consumers in learning about healthy nutrition choices for their dogs and cats while providing them with a good selection of these options at reasonable prices. Second, they want to help bring awareness to the plight of homeless pets in the community and to assist local rescue groups in their efforts to care for and place pets in new forever homes.

Stella & Chewy's products at A1 Pet Emporium

Products & Services at A1 Pet Emporium

What makes A1 Pet emporium unique? Each of its stores features a “play room” that is available for rescues to do outreaches or meet and greets with potential adopters. They also do a big food drive each year for the Pet Food Pantry and St. Francis Animal Resource Center. Each provide pet food for individuals that would not be able to afford it otherwise. They typically collect over ten tons of food for the organizations each year. They also have a training center next to their Northwest Oklahoma City store and Pawdicure (another local company) comes in on occasion to offer nail trims.

Not only do owners and employees love helping animals find new homes, but they also love watching the transformation when a dog or cat begins eating a food that works better for them than what they were eating before. Their most frequently recommended Stella & Chewy’s product is Meal Mixers because they are incredibly versatile. They can be used as a meal, a topper, or as a healthy treat. Plus, dogs love them!

Stella & Chewy's frozen food at A1 Pet Emporium

Why Shop Local at A1 Pet Emporium?

Since A1 Pet Emporium is a small local business, they can make sure all of their staff is well trained in the products they carry. They can adjust to the current market much more quickly than a larger store as well. If there is ever a recall on an item they carry, they know who has bought them and can call to find out if the product they purchased was part of the recall.

A1 Pet Emporium also genuinely cares about the community it serves. They do as many outreaches as they can each month. They attend rescue events, farmers’ markets, and pride events to name a few. They also donate baskets of products for local organizations doing raffles and offer a space for rescues to do events in each of their stores. They truly believe their customers are the greatest! They love helping them keep their pets happy and healthy.

Stella & Chewy’s Supports Local Businesses

At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re proud to support local neighborhood pet stores like A1 Pet Emporium. Learn more about some of our favorite local pet stores by visiting our blog.

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