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Meet That Golden Dog!

Meet That Golden Dog!

Bear is an athletic and intelligent 2 year old Golden Retriever. He is a dog who is happiest when he has a “job” to do whether it be fetch, nose work, agility, or other fun games.

Bear stays true to his name and exhibits his love of food with his voracious appetite! He will do anything for a treat. He loves to give “kisses” and is always greeting people with a big, drooling grin.

Favorite Recipes:. Honestly, he likes everything. I can even use a little piece of Kibble as a training treat and he’ll do anything for it LOL. But if we must list something, these are what he has been eating most recently… 1. Whitefish Raw Coated Kibble 2. Red Meat Raw Blend Kibble 3. Beef Raw Coated Kibble 4. Surf and Turf freeze dried or frozen raw 5. Beef raw coated biscuits.

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