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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply !

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About Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply

The Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply story begins in 1946 when they started selling animal feed and bulk seed to local farmers. Over the decades the business has evolved with the times and is now a modern pet supply store with a focus on healthy nutrition and quality brands. Their mission is to be the most trusted and customer dedicated pet supply retailer in their community.

Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply’s story began in 1946 when Thomas and Winifred Watts purchased Anaheim Feed and Fuel. The Watt’s family changed the name to Anaheim Feed and Seed and set up their own feed store in old downtown Anaheim. After successfully centering the business on selling bulk animal feed and bulk seed to local farmers, the store moved locations in 1978. Now at their Lemon St. location for over 40 years, Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply is a modern pet supply store with over 15,000 items and 200 brands. As an independent, third- generation, family-owned store, they have evolved in response to Orange County’s growing population and changing cultural make-up. While times may have changed, Anaheim Feed always stays committed to helping customers and their pet families truly thrive.

“Our customers and their pets are central to everything we do. Healthy food for pets is our motto. Service and care for you and your pets is our mission.”

Inspiring Healthy Pet Lifestyles and Nutrition

At Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply, they believe in the value of quality products and inspiring healthy pet lifestyles and nutrition. When they recommend a product and see the positive impact it has on a pet it makes everything worthwhile. They pride themselves on being a trusted pet resource for their local community. Their favorite Stella & Chewy’s product is Raw Coated Kibble. They love how it is baked and coated in raw nutrition, is amazingly palatable for picky eaters, and is a great way to introduce customers to the benefits of raw inclusions who are hesitant to try a pure frozen/freeze-dried based diet.

Why Shop Local?

Shopping local supports your local community – tax dollars go to the local city, it creates local jobs, and independent small businesses give the community uniqueness, character, and life. It is also important because you get better customer service and a more personal touch – small business employees like the ones at Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply know you by name and care about you and your pet. This trusting relationship and personalized interaction fosters a stronger social bond within the community.

Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply supports local rescues, participates in local dog park openings and events, and support local community outreach. They partnered with a local brewery on their “Feed the Furloughed” program which provided free daily hot meals to laid off or furloughed workers and their families during the pandemic. They donated bags of dog food to ensure their pets were fed and taken care of as well.