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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Pet Food Express!

About Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express CEO and co-owner, Michael Levy, started a dog training business in 1976 and opened his first San Francisco location in 1980, selling some food and supplies. In 1986, he left dog training to focus on retail and had expanded to three locations by the time his business partner, Mark Witriol, came aboard in 1992. They have since expanded, and have 55 locations in Northern California, with 9 more in Southern California.

They believe pets are family and so do their customers. They love meeting their customers’ pets and learning about their habits and behaviors. They get joy out of finding solutions for pets and their families. From an upset tummy to chaffed paws, they are here to help.

Pet Food Express believes that their customers want to do what is best for their pets so they take great care when sourcing products to make sure they remain on the cutting edge by leading the trend rather than following. They are committed to quality foods and provide a large selection of raw products from frozen raw, to freeze-dried, to raw coated.

In addition to selling pet products, some Pet Food Express stores also offer self-service pet wash, VIP Veterinary Services with wellness centers and/or pop-up community clinics, dog training and puppy socials, and cat adoption centers.

Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies are a staff and customer favorite! Having a freeze-dried treat that does not crumble easily makes this product one of their tops. They think this product is an excellent introduction to Stella & Chewy’s, as well as to freeze-dried food and treats for their customers.

Why Shop Local

Pet Food Express believes it’s important to support local and small businesses to encourage variety, community, and care. They are dedicated to their local communities through the following:

Rescue and Shelter Support: Supporting pet health and happiness is their passion, and this goes for whether the pet has found its forever home yet, or not. And so they work hard to make an impact on the lives of shelter and rescue pets throughout California, through a number of programs designed to creatively ease the strain on the agencies that help them.

Pet Community Support – Caring about pets, and their local communities, is at the heart of who Pet Food Express is. So they ask a lot of both themselves and their customers to make things better: fostering pets in need, fundraising for good causes, stepping up when the worst happens. They are constantly blown away at how their customers are always there, ready to take on new challenges for the sake of their community.

Adoption Support – When it comes to pet adoptions, their philosophy is always “how can we do more?” Whether through weekly events, their in-store cat adoption centers, or their annual pet fair, they’re always striving to do their best to help find a forever home for every rescue pet. Plus, they put their money where their mouth is, by offering store discounts to adopters.

Learn more about Pet Food Express or find a neighborhood pet store near you!