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Spooky season is officially here and everyone is ready to break out the pumpkins, sweaters, and (of course) costumes! We have some tips to help you pick the perfect pet Halloween costume for your furry friend.

Keep it simple!

Looking for a quick, DIY costume for your pet? A great costume can be as easy as a bed sheet. Find a white sheet, cut it in a circle and put it over your dog. Mark where your dog’s eyes and snout are, remove it from your dog, and cut circles where you marked. Put it back on your pup and now you have a ghost dog! For a mummy dog, get some gauze and wrap it around your dog multiple times until you have the look you want, or your dog is done being wrapped, whichever comes first! 

Make it cozy!

It can be pretty chilly in October, keep your pet warm by dressing them up in a fluffy costume or fuzzy Halloween sweater. When it comes to pet costumes, comfort is key, and this will make sure your pet is both adorable and warm all day long!

DIY it!

Cute costumes don’t have to break the bank. Use what you have around the house to create your pet’s costume! Try using cotton and felt to make your pet into a wooly lamb or combine soda bottles and construction paper to create an amazing DIY jetpack. 

Use your favorite movie as inspiration!

Movie characters make great costumes for both people and pets alike! Try out a magical or spooky character for a creative and unique pet costume.

Put your pet to work!

From firefighters to mail carriers, there are a wide variety of careers that make cute costumes!

Give pumpkin a try!

Pumpkin isn’t just a delicious treat, it is also an adorable Halloween costume idea! Pick up a pumpkin costume at the store or make one at home for the perfect fall-themed outfit.

Keep it classic!

Pirates, witches, and unicorns are all iconic Halloween looks that your pet could rock. Be careful, your adorable pirate might go on a treasure hunt to steal all of the treats!

Do what’s best for your pet!

Not every pet is comfortable wearing a costume, maybe try a headband, cape, or Halloween bandana to make sure they are happy in the costume they are wearing.

Bring tons of treats!

Wearing a costume, especially for the first time, can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable for some pets. Be sure to take it slow and give your pet plenty of treats to create a positive experience for your pet. You can even incorporate the treats into the costume! Carnivore Crunch is the perfect snack for a hungry dinosaur and Wild Weenies go great with a hot dog costume!

No matter what you and your pets dress up as this Halloween, be sure to stay warm, stay safe, and have fun. We cannot wait to see your pet’s Halloween costume, share them on social media with #StellaHowlOWeen