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July is Pet Fire Safety Month and July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day – but it’s always a good time for fire safety tips! Learn how to keep your dog or cat safe in case of a fire, and how to minimize the risk of fire in households with pets.

Pet Fire Safety Starts with Prevention

The best way to keep your pets safe from fire is to avoid starting one:




Candles & Incense


Christmas Trees

Learn how to pet-proof your Christmas tree

Smoke Detectors

According to the National Fire Protection Association, only 790 of the roughly 350K house fires each year are caused by animals—that’s less than 1%. Make sure all the human members of your household are educated about fire safety to protect yourselves and your pets!

Have a Fire Safety Plan

Be prepared so if a fire does happen, you’ll be ready to act quickly:

If There’s a Fire

If the worst happens and there’s a fire, remember your fire safety plan and try to remain calm:

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