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We’re excited to announce a brand new line of treats that your dog is sure to love: Just Jerky Bites! These tender and tasty jerky bites were made to be both nutritious and delicious. With 95% meat and no fillers – they’re packed with protein and a craveable big meaty taste. These treats will satisfy the pickiest of pups!

Just Jerky Bites Features & Benefits

Three great jerky recipes:

Just Jerky Bites

Do Dogs Like Jerky?

Most dogs do! They are natural meat-eaters and meat is integral to their diets. Jerky treats are a great way to vary your dog’s diet as a healthy snack option.
Because most dogs love jerky, Just Jerky Bites make a great training aide. The bite-size pieces are a tasty way of keeping your dog’s interest whether training or teaching your dog new tricks!

Can Dogs Eat Jerky Made for Humans?

While jerky flavors can look the same, the added flavors and preservatives in jerky for humans can cause problems for dogs. For example, jerky made for humans tends to be quite salty and can contain ingredients like garlic and onions, all of which can be dangerous for dogs. It’s best to stay on the safe side and stick to jerky made specifically for dogs.