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How long should puppies eat puppy food? How do you know when to stop feeding puppy food? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to ensure your puppy, small, medium or large breed, gets the nutrition they need to grow big and strong!

What makes a food suitable for puppies?

Puppies are constantly growing and require a diet formulated to meet their nutritional needs. A good puppy food is complete and balanced to support proper growth and development. This includes appropriate amounts of fat, vitamins and minerals, energy-providing carbohydrates, and other nutrients. More nutritional elements significant to a puppy’s diet and growth include DHA to support brain development, antioxidants to promote a strong immune system, and high protein for lean muscles. When choosing a food for your puppy, look for the following on the label:

These statements indicate that the diet is suitable for puppies according to AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. It’s also important to know that dog food for small and medium size puppies differs from dog food for large breed puppies. Large breed puppies (defined as puppies that will be 70 lbs. or greater fully grown) have extra nutritional needs that contribute to the appropriate and gradual growth of their larger skeletal framework. When feeding your puppy, be sure to check feeding guidelines on the bag, and consult with your veterinarian to make sure your puppy is getting enough food. Growing puppies may need up to twice the amount of food as adults.

doodle puppy with puppy kibble

When should a puppy transition to adult food?

The age at which a puppy reaches adulthood (their full-grown size and weight) can vary by breed and other factors. Typically, dogs will be fully grown by a year of age and can be safely transitioned to adult food at this time. Large breed puppies, however, may continue growing until age two. It’s important to stop feeding puppy food when the time is right and transition to an adult diet and decrease the amount of food so your dog does not become overweight. Many dog foods are nutritionally formulated to meet the needs of both puppies and adult dogs, so always refer to the label for the AAFCO nutritional statement. As always, consult with your puppy’s veterinarian if you’re unsure when the time is right to make the transition from puppy to adult dog food.

Finnish Lapphund puppy with wet puppy food

Stella & Chewy’s Puppy Food

Stella & Chewy’s offers a variety of complete and balanced puppy food. Whether your pup is small or large and whether they prefer a raw, wet, or dry diet, these puppy foods will get them off on the right paw!

Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties For Puppies

Our freeze-dried raw dinner patties provide the nutritional power of a raw diet in a convenient shelf-stable format. If you’re looking to start your dog on a raw diet right from the beginning, this is the optimal place to start. Our freeze-dried raw puppy patties are available in two enticing recipes– Chicken & Salmon and Beef & Salmon. Whichever flavor your puppy’s palate prefers, they’ll reap the benefits of 95% meat, organs, and bone along with all of the added vitamins and nutrients growing puppies need to thrive.

Gourmet Pâté For Puppies

Great for enrichment or as a complete and balanced meal, our Chicken & Salmon Gourmet Pâté For Puppies is grain-free and formulated for puppies of all breeds and sizes. This savory wet food combines a creamy mix of cage-free chicken and wild-caught salmon with chunks of chicken breast puppies love. DHA from tuna oil is added to support brain development, making this a canned puppy food you can feel proud to feed your best friend.

Grain-Free Kibble For Puppies

Looking for a high-quality, grain-free dry food for your puppy? We have multiple options! First, check out our Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble For Puppies. This grain-free dry food is baked and raw coated, packing the power of raw in every bite via a freeze-dried raw coating on every kibble. Enhanced with probiotics and rich in in omega fatty acids and DHA, it’s an excellent source of nutrition for puppies of every size.

We also offer an extruded raw coated kibble in the form of our Wild Red Grain-Free Puppy Prairie Recipe. This dry puppy food features protein from six different animal sources, including chicken and duck. Rich in nutrients to support digestive health and brain and eye development, this kibble is ideal for growing puppies of all breeds.

Wholesome Grain Kibble For Puppies

Prefer a grain-inclusive diet for your growing puppy? Raw Coated Dry Puppy Food with Wholesome Grains features cage-free chicken as the first ingredient which is complemented by wholesome grains in the form of oatmeal, pearled barley, and quinoa. Omega fatty acids are included to support skin and coat health, while DHA helps support your puppy’s growing brain. Check out our new Wild Red Raw Coated Puppy Kibble with Wholesome Grains too!

corgi puppy running

Stella & Chewy’s: For your puppy’s future

Stella & Chewy’s proudly offers a wide range of premium dog food to support your best friend’s nutritional needs from puppyhood to senior status. Learn more about choosing a diet for your puppy, and check out our huge range of dog food for all life stages.

Featured Products

  • Beef & Salmon Puppy Patties

    Beef & Salmon Puppy Patties

  • Chicken & Salmon Puppy Patties

    Chicken & Salmon Puppy Patties

  • Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble Puppy Dry Dog Food

    Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble Puppy Dry Dog Food

  • Raw Coated Puppy Food with Wholesome Grains – Chicken, Pumpkin & Quinoa

    Raw Coated Puppy Food with Wholesome Grains – Chicken, Pumpkin & Quinoa

  • Wild Red Raw Coated Wholesome Grains Puppy Prairie Recipe

    Wild Red Raw Coated Wholesome Grains Puppy Prairie Recipe

  • Wild Red Raw Coated Grain & Legume Free Puppy Prairie Recipe

    Wild Red Raw Coated Grain & Legume Free Puppy Prairie Recipe

  • Gourmet Pâté for Puppies with Chicken & Salmon

    Gourmet Pâté for Puppies with Chicken & Salmon

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