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Dogs give their pet parents so much love and support, so as a thank you, we want to help your pup have the best day ever for National Dog Day.


Buy Cute Outfits!

Since you’d rather spend time with your dog, why not let everyone know! Grab a cute hat from Lucy & Co and get  your pup a matching bandana.

Make a Barkuterie Board

charcuterie board for dogs featuring dog treats, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, blueberries and peanut butter
Image & styling courtesy of Charcuter-Me

A barkuterie board is a charcuterie board for dogs! And just like with the human version, have fun creating an artistic feast with dog-safe foods. When choosing food for your board, consider shapes, sizes, and textures. Dog-safe barkuterie food ideas include: 

Play in the Water

4 dogs in a boat getting treats from a women

Does your dog love water? Anything from running around in the sprinkler or relaxing on a pool float to jumping off the dock or kayaking, water activities (when practiced safely) are a great idea to keep cool during the hottest days of summer. 

Let Your Dog Choose the Adventure on a Walk

woman with 2 dogs pausing on a wooden trail in the woods to give dogs treats

Let your dog choose the route, stop and sniff, take a rest and lead the way. Explore a new trail or wander through the neighborhood. Consider ending the walk at the dog park or your favorite local Neighborhood Pet Store for a special treat! 

Go on a Road Trip

Dog in back of hatchback car with bags of dog treats

Take your dog to a new destination, or maybe a favorite one. Consider visiting friends, trying a new dog park, or a dog-friendly national or state park or beach. Bring along water, a collapsible water bowl and favorite treats

Get a Tattoo of Your Best Friend

Tattoo of poodle dog on person's arm
Image courtesy of Swinks Tattoo Emporium

Your pup is an important part of your life! Why not honor them with a tattoo? Pet tattoos are personal, so make sure you take the time to make it unique. Schedule a consultation with a tattoo artist and work on the perfect design together.

Start the Day with Sports

Build an obstacle course or get out the soccer ball and play! Like professional soccer player Alex Morgan knows, it’s a great way to bond with your pup, and for both of you to get some exercise.

Have a Fun Photo or Video Shoot

Grab some props, maybe a costume and a hat, and take some cute pictures or videos. You’ll make some great memories to show off to friends and family and on social media.

Snuggle Down for a Movie & Treats

woman's soccer player Alex Morgan with dog mom mug sitting on couch petting dogs

Maybe your dog prefers a quiet activity? Turn on a movie and settle in to cuddle on the couch. Pop yourself some popcorn, let your pup take as much of the couch they want, and be sure to grab  their favorite snack.

Volunteer with Your Dog

woman in wheelchair looking at therapy dog sitting in grass

Is your dog good with people? Consider seeking out therapy animal programs to have your dog trained to volunteer at hospitals and schools. A quick internet search should provide you with some local options. Take your pup on a charity run with you. Or, if your dog is good with other dogs, consider fostering a dog who needs socialization.